(Legacy) Adobe Photoshop CS3: Photoshop Toolbox Introduction

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This article is based on legacy software.

Photoshop is a program that allows you to work with images and graphics. This document will give an overview of the tools you can use when working with them. These tools are found in the Toolbox, which appears on the left side of the screen when you first start Photoshop. If the Toolbox is not visible, from the Window menu, select Tools.

Tool Name
moveMoveMoves selections, layers, and guides.rectangular marqueeRectangular MarqueeMakes a rectangular selection and provides access to the Elliptical, Single Row, and Single Column Marquee Tools.lassoLassoDraws free-hand segments of a selection's border and provides access to the Polygonal Lasso Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool.magic wandMagic WandSelects consistently colored areas without requiring you to trace the outline and provides access to the Quick Selection Tool.cropCropRemoves unwanted portions from an image. For more information see, Cropping an Image.sliceSliceCreates slices so you can separate your document into areas, which makes it more functional. It also provides access to the Slice Select Tool.spot healing brushSpot Healing BrushCorrects imperfections in an image by making them disappear into the surrounding image. It also provides access to the Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, and the Red Eye Tool.brushBrushPaints brush strokes onto an image and provides access to the Pencil Tool and Color Replacement Tool.clone stampClone StampPaints a clone of an image or area of an image you have already selected. It also provides access to the Pattern Stamp Tool.history brushHistory BrushPaints a copy of one image state or snapshot of an image into your current image's window. It also provides access to the Art History Brush Tool.eraserEraserErases pixels wherever the mouse is clicked. It also provides access to the Background Eraser Tool and the Magic Eraser Tool.gradientGradientCreates a gradual blend between colors and also provides access to the Paint Bucket Tool. For more information, see Working with the Gradient Tool.blurBlurSoftens the edges of an image. It also provides access to the Sharpen Tool and the Smudge Tool.dodgeDodgeAllows you to darken or lighten areas of an image. It also provides access to the Burn Tool and the Sponge Tool.penPenAllows you to create, edit, or smooth lines and shapes. It also provides access to the Freeform Pen ToolAdd Anchor Point ToolDelete Anchor Point Tool, and the Convert Point Tool.horizonatal typeHorizontal TypeAllows you to insert text onto an image. It also provides access to the Vertical Type ToolHorizontal Type Mask Tool, and the Vertical Type Mask Tool.path selectionPath SelectionMakes shape or segment selections that show anchor points, direction lines, and direction points. It also provides access to the Direct Selection Tool.rectangleRectangleAllows you to draw different shapes. It also provides access to the Rounded Rectangle ToolEllipse ToolPolygon ToolLine Tool, and the Custom Shape Tool.notesNotesAllows you to add notes to any image. It also provides access to the Audio Annotation Tool.eyedropperEyedropperAllows you to get colors from an image to designate as a new background or foreground color. It also provides access to the Color Sampler Tool, the Ruler Tool, and the Count Tool.handHandMoves an image within its window.zoomZoomMagnifies or reduces the view size of an image.