Duo Security: Reactivating a Mobile Device

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  1. Navigate to CampS.
  2. Log in using your University Username and Password
  3. Cancel the Login Request on Duo Security Portal.
    NOTE: Step 2 only needs to be done if you have configured Duo Security to automatically send you a Duo Push when you log in.
  4. Select My Settings & Devices from the left menu.

    Select My Settings & Devices
  5. Choose an authentication method, there are two ways to authenticate. Either select: 
    • Call Me.

      Call Me
    • Select Enter a Passcode. A blue bar will appear below, select Text me new codes.
      • Select Enter a Passcode
  6. Select Device Options.
    Device Options
  7. Select Reactivate Duo Mobile.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions for reactivating the device.