Guide to the Eau Claire County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls, 1864- 1890, 1965-1985

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Title: Eau Claire County (Wis.). Treasurer: Tax Rolls

Inclusive Dates: 1864-1890, 1965-1985

Creator: Eau Claire County (Wis.). Treasurer.

Call Number: Eau Claire Series 109, C1991/038, C2006/040

Quantity: 15.0 c.f. (circa 295 volumes) and 47 reels of microfilm (35 mm); Real estate and personal property tax rolls for localities other than the city of Eau Claire, 1975. See preliminary inventory. [See also microfilm Reels 38-47.] Qty: 5.5 c.f. (18 volumes); Real estate and personal property tax rolls for municipalities other than the City of Eau Claire, 1990. Qty: 3.5 c.f. (18 volumes)

Repository: Housed at the Area Research Center, William D. McIntyre Library, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library-Archives Division

Archival Locations: UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library / Eau Claire Area Research Ctr. 

Abstract: Tax rolls for real and personal property indicating land ownership and providing description of taxable real estate, valuation of each parcel, taxes due, and a record of the payment of taxes. Also includes valuations, taxes due, and taxes paid for personal property in many of the volumes. Tax rolls from 1965-1985 exist for every five years. Tax rolls for the city of Eau Claire are not included in this series. (See Eau Claire Series 15.)

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Eau Claire
Series 109
circa 295 volumes1864-1890 Note: These volumes are not numbered. See the Appendix to this finding aid for a list of localities and years represented.
1965Reel 1  Altoona (City) - Augusta (City)Reel 2 Bridge Creek (Town)Reel 3 Brunswick (Town) - Clear Creek (Town)Reel 4Drammen (Town) - Fairchild (Village)Reel 5 Fall Creek (Village) - Lincoln (Town) Reel 6 Ludington (Town) - Otter Creek (Town) Reel 7Pleasant Valley (Town) - Seymour (Town) Reel 8Union (Town)Reel 9 Wilson (Town) - Washington (Town) Reel 10Washington (Town) (continued)
1970Reel 11Altoona (City) Reel 12Augusta (City) (continued on Reel 14) - Bridge Creek (Town) Reel 13Bridge Creek (Town) (continued)Reel 14Augusta (Town); Clear Creek (Town); and Drammen (Town) Reel 15Fairchild (Town) - Fall Creek (Village)Reel 16Lincoln (Town) - Ludington (Town)Reel 17Otter Creek (Town) - Pleasant Valley (Town)Reel 18Seymour (Town) - Union (Town)Reel 19Union (Town) (continued) - Washington (Town)Reel 20Washington (Town) (continued) 
1975 Reel 38Altoona (City)Reel 39Augusta (City) - Bridge Creek (Town)Reel 40Brunswick (Town) - Clear Creek (Town)Reel 41 Drammen (Town) - Fairchild (Town)-Fairchild (Village)Reel 42Fall Creek (Village) - Lincoln (Town) Reel 43Ludington (Town) - Otter Creek (Town) Reel 44Pleasant Valley (Town) - Seymour (Town) Reel 45Seymour (Town) (continued) - Union (Town)Reel 46Washington (Town)Reel 47Washington (Town) (continued) - Wilson (Town) 
1980 Reel 21 Altoona (City) - Augusta (City) Reel 22Bridge Creek (Town) - Brunswick (Town) Reel 23Clear Creek (Town) - Drammen (Town) - Fairchild (Town) Reel 24Fairchild (Village) - Fall Creek (Village) - Lincoln (Town)Reel 25Ludington (Town) - Otter Creek (Town) Reel 26Pleasant Valley (Town) - Seymour (Town)Reel 27Union (Town)  Reel 28Washington (Town) Reel 29Washington (Town) (continued) - Wilson (Town) 
1985Reel 30Altoona (City) Reel 31Augusta (City) - Bridge Creek (Town) Reel 32 Brunswick (Town) - Clear Creek (Town) - Drammen (Town) Reel 33Fairchild (Town) - Fairchild (Village)-Fall Creek (Village) - Lincoln (Town) Reel 34Ludington (Town)-Otter Creek (Town) - Pleasant Valley (Town)Reel 35 Seymour (Town) - Union (Town) Reel 36Washington (Town) Reel 37Washington (Town) (continued) - Wilson (Town) 

Appendix: Volume Inventory 

Altoona (City)1887-1890Augusta (Village) 1883-1884Bridge Creek (Town) 1864-1890Brunswick (Town)1864-1890Clear Creek (Town) 1882-1890Drammen (Town)1877-1890Eau Claire (Town)1864-1871Fairchild (Town)1874-1890Fairchild (Village)1883-1885, 1889-1890Lant (Town) 1874-1876Lincoln (Town) 1864-1890Ludington (Town)1876-1890North Eau Claire (Town)1864-1871 Oak Grove (Town) 1864-1871 Otter Creek (Town) 1867-1890Pleasant Valley (Town)1864-1890Seymour (Town) 1872-1890Union (Town) 1873-1890Washington (Town) 1868-1890West Eau Claire (Town) 1864-1871