Guide to the Eau Claire City Manager Subject Files,​ 1950-​1970

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Title: Eau Claire (Wis.). City Manager: Subject Files

Inclusive Dates: 1950-1970

Creator: Eau Claire (Wis.). City Manager

Call Number: Eau Claire Series 98

Quantity: 13.2 c.f. (33 archives boxes)

Repository: Housed at the Area Research Center, William D. McIntyre Library, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library-Archives Division

Archival Locations: UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library / Eau Claire Area Research Ctr. 

Abstract: Records from the city manager's office consist primarily of correspondence with officials of other municipalities, state agencies, city council members and other city officers, and contractors and suppliers with which the city did business; reports of city departments and officials; research materials; near-print reports and bulletins; and budget preparation materials. The records cover a wide range of topics including the city budget, city services and public works, the administration and efficient operation of the city government, planning, the relationship between the city government and public utilities, and zoning. Most of the records are from the tenure of Douglas Weiford, 19571967, with only scattered materials from the early 1950.

Language: English

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  • Eau Claire (Wis.)—Politics and government
  • Weiford, Douglas

Contents List

Box/Folder 1/1Administrative Directives, 1952-1961 
AirportBox/Folder 1/2Advisory Commission, 1960-1967 Box/Folder 1/3-4Municipal, 1960-1962, 1966-1968 Box/Folder 1/5-6North Central Airlines, 1959-1962, 1968Box/Folder 1/7Runway Extension, 1965-1967Box/Folder 1/8Terminal Building, 1960-1962, 1967
Terminal Dedication, 1961Box/Folder 2/1American Municipal Association, 1960-1962Box/Folder 2/2American Society of Planning Officials, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 2/3Analysis of Department Budgets, 1968
AnnexationBox/Folder 2/41960, 1961, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 2/5Hatch Area, Town of Washington, 1967Box/Folder 2/6Moholt Area, Town of Washington, 1967Box/Folder 2/7Assessor, 1960-1962, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 2/8Auditorium, 1966Box/Folder 2/9Beautification of Highway, 1965, 1966Box/Folder 2/10Beer in Grocery Stores, 1961Box/Folder 2/11Birch Street Extended, 1960, 1961Box/Folder 2/12Board of Education, Monthly Statements, 1962-1968Box/Folder 2/13Board of Heating Examiners and Appeals, 1954-1961Box/Folder 3/1Board of Review, 1961, 1962, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 3/2-3Bond Issue, 1955, 1965-1967Box/Folder 3/4Brazilian Visitors, 1966
BudgetBox/Folder 3/5-7Administration, 1961-1963, 1966, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 4/1Administration, 1968, 1969 Box/Folder 4/2Council Memos, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 4/3Preparation, 1968Box/Folder 4/4Review of 1969 Requests, 1968, 1969Box/Folder 4/5School, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 4/6Water Utilities, 1959-1962Box/Folder 4/7Bus Terminal, 1967Box/Folder 4/8Cable Complaints, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 4/9Capital Improvements Program, 1968
CemeteriesBox/Folder 4/101961-1968Box/Folder 4/11Questionnaires, 1959-1963Box/Folder 4/12Regulations, 1955-1967 Box/Folder 5/1Census Tracts, 1966-1970Box/Folder 5/2-3Chamber of Commerce, 1961, 1962, 1966-1968Box/Folder 5/4Film, 1966
Chippewa RiverBox/Folder 5/5Bulkhead Lines, 1959-1961Box/Folder 5/6Pollution, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 5/7Christmas Cards, 1951-1968, n.d.
City Clerk Box/Folder 5/81968Box/Folder 5/9Elections, 1966-1968Box/Folder 5/10Elections, Follow-ups, Licensing, 1961-1967Box/Folder 5/11Licenses, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 5/12City-County Planning Commission, 1967-1969 Box/Folder 6/1City Hall Renovation, 1960-1962Box/Folder 6/2City Manager Recruitment, 1967Box/Folder 6/3Civil Air Patrol, 1959-1963
Civil DefenseBox/Folder 6/41961, 1962, 1966-1968Box/Folder 6/5Community Shelter Plan, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 6/6Red Cross, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 6/7Tornadoes, 1959-1961, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 6/8-9Claremont Avenue Matters, 1963-1969Box/Folder 6/10Commission on Aging, 1961-1967Box/Folder 7/1Community Action Program, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 7/2Conventions, 1965, 1966Box/Folder 7/3Council, Manager Government Literature, 1962-1968 Box/Folder 7/4Council Matters, 1961-1968Box/Folder 7/5Data Processing, 1967Box/Folder 7/6Debt and Future Projects, 1958-1960
Disposal AreaBox/Folder 7/71959-1962, 1966-1968Box/Folder 7/8Scavenger Operations, 1956-1962Box/Folder 7/9Downtown Modernization Steering Committee, 1960, 1961 
Eau Claire Box/Folder 7/10City, 1958-1962, 1966-1968 Box/Folder 7/11County, 1962, 1966-1968Box/Folder 7/12Committee on Beautification, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 8/1Eau Claire Industrial Corporation Development, 1961, 1962, 1966-1968Box/Folder 8/2Eau Claire Transportation Company, 1961, 1962, 1966- 1968 Box/Folder 8/3Electrical Lawsuits, 1961Box/Folder 8/4Emergency Vehicles, 1955-1960Box/Folder 8/5Fair Housing Material, 1967-1969Box/Folder 8/6Fairwell Street Reconstruction, 1966-1968Box/Folder 8/7Finance, Bond Issue, 1960, 1961
Finance DepartmentBox/Folder 8/8-91961, 1962, 1966-1968 Box/Folder 8/10List of Claims Approved, 1966-1968Box/Folder 9/11968
Fire DepartmentBox/Folder 9/2-41961-1968Box/Folder 9/5Management Study, 1966, 1967 Box/Folder 9/6Station Property, 1960, 1961, 1966Box/Folder 9/7Study, 1966, 1967 
Flood Box/Folder 10/1Clippings, 1966Box/Folder 10/2Control, 1962-1968 Box/Folder 10/3Study, 1965-1968 Box/Folder 10/4Frontage Roads, 1965, 1966Box/Folder 10/5Garbage Hauling Matters, 1961-1968 Box/Folder 10/6Grinsel Property, 1958-1960 Box/Folder 10/7Half Moon Lake, 1961-1964, 1966, 1967Box/FolderHealth DepartmentBox/Folder 10/8-91961-1966Box/Folder 11/1-21967, 1968Box/Folder 11/3Regulation of Coin Operated Dry Cleaning, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 11/4Highway Zoning, 1961, 1967 Box/Folder 11/5Industrial Park, 1966
Inspection DivisionBox/Folder 11/61961, 1962, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 11/7Removal of Signs, 1960, 1962 Box/Folder 11/8Insurance, 1961-1963, 1966, 1967
International City Manager's Association Box/Folder 11/91961Box/Folder 11/10Code of Ethics, 1961, 1962 
InternshipBox/Folder 11/11Memoranda, 1967 Box/Folder 12/1William Schmidt, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 12/2Junior High School Site, 1956-1962 Box/Folder 12/3Kane General File, 1967, 1968 Box/Folder 12/4Kellett Committee, 1966Box/Folder 12/5Labor Relations, 1965-1967Box/Folder 12/6League of Wisconsin Municipalities, 1961, 1962, 1966- 1968 Box/Folder 12/7League of Women Voters, 1966, 1967
Legal MattersBox/Folder 12/8-91959-1962Box/Folder 13/1-21964-1968Box/Folder 13/3Legislative Council Judiciary Committee, 1959-1961Box/Folder 13/4Legislative Matters, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 13/5Legislature, Urban Problems, 1962 Box/Folder 13/6Library, 1961-1968 Box/Folder 13/7Mental Health Institution, 1964-1966 Box/Folder 13/8Mileage Allowance, 1958-1961Box/Folder 13/9Miscellaneous, appropriations, Council Action, Manager's Actions, Revisions, Additions, Correspondence, 1953-1965
Monthly Reports Box/Folder 14/1-6Finance, 1961-1968 Box/Folder 14/7Fire, 1961, 1965-1968Box/Folder 15/1Health, 1961, 1965-1968Box/Folder 15/2Inspection and Zoning, 1961, 1965-1968 Box/Folder 15/3Personnel, 1961, 1966-1968Box/Folder 15/4Police, 1961, 1966-1968Box/Folder 15/5Sewage Treatment Plant, 1961, 1966-1968Box/Folder 15/6Treasurer, 1961 Box/Folder 15/7Water, 1961, 1966-1968Box/Folder 15/8Welfare, 1961, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 15/9National Employment of the Physically Handicapped, 1957-1967Box/Folder 15/10National Guard, 1955-1962
National League of CitiesBox/Folder 16/11966-1968Box/Folder 16/2Committee, 1966Box/Folder 16/3Personnel Committee, 1966Box/Folder 16/4Natural Gas, 1959-1961Box/Folder 16/5Official Maps, New Streets, 1958-1961, 1967, 1968
Parking Box/Folder 16/6-71960-1969Box/Folder 17/1Farewell Street and Tennis Courts, 1966, 1967 Box/Folder 17/2Northside Area, 1960-1962 Box/Folder 17/3Ramps, 1968, 1969 Box/Folder 17/4University Area, 1964-1968
ParksBox/Folder 17/51961-1968 Box/Folder 17/6Jaycee Rodeo, 1965Box/Folder 17/7State Street at MacArthur, 1961 
PersonnelBox/Folder 17/8City News, 1961-1967 Box/Folder 17/9Managerial and Clerical Salaries, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 17/10Military Leave, 1961-1967
MiscellaneousBox/Folder 17/11-121961, 1962 Box/Folder 18/1-21965-1968Box/Folder 18/3PAS Pay Plan Study, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 18/4PAS Classification Survey, 1961
Union Box/Folder 18/5Grievance, Tandem Truck, 1966 Box/Folder 18/6Negotiations, 1961, 1962
Personnel Box/Folder 19/1School for Workers, 1961Box/Folder 19/2Union Negotiations, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 19/3Pinehurst Ski Area, 1957-1968
Planning Box/Folder 19/41961, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 19/5American National Bank, 1965, 1966Box/Folder 19/6Barton Aschman Study, 1965, 1966 Box/Folder 19/7Business District, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 20/1Business District, 1968 Box/Folder 20/2Commission, 1961-1968 Box/Folder 20/3Minutes, 1961, 1962, 1966, 1968Box/Folder 20/4Department Store Sites, 1967-1969Box/Folder 20/5Highway 37, 1965-1967Box/Folder 20/6L.S. Shattuck, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 20/7Luther Hospital Area, 1967-1969Box/Folder 20/8701, 1961-1966 Box/Folder 21/1-2701, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 21/3Survey Materials, 1967, 1968Box/Folder 21/4Wisconsin State College, 1964-1969
Police DepartmentBox/Folder 21/51961-1964Box/Folder 22/1-21966-1969 
Police-Fire Box/Folder 22/3Commission, 1967Box/Folder 22/4Integration, 1950-1967 Box/Folder 22/5Policemen's Pension Fund, 1954-1961Box/Folder 22/6Post Office Building, 1960, 1961 Box/Folder 22/7Proclamations, 1961-1968Box/Folder 22/8Property, City Owned, 1963-1968 
Public Works Box/Folder 23/1-31961-1968Box/Folder 23/4Salt, 1955-1957Box/Folder 23/5Capital Improvements, 1961Box/Folder 23/6Grand Avenue Bridge, 1954-1968Box/Folder 24/1River Road Project, 1956Box/Folder 24/2Sewage Treatment Plant, 1959-1967Box/Folder 24/3-4Sewer, 1959-1968Box/Folder 24/5Sidewalks, 1961-1967Box/Folder 24/6Snow Removal, 1961-1967Box/Folder 24/7Streets, 1960, 1961Box/Folder 25/1-2Streets, 1964-1969Box/Folder 25/3-5Water, 1961-1968Box/Folder 26/1Purchasing Ordinance, Proposal and Papers, 1958-1966Box/Folder 26/2Railroad, Cameron Street Bridge, 1962-1964Box/Folder 26/3Railroads, 1955-1967
Recreation Box/Folder 26/4-61961-1968 Box/Folder 26/74th of July, 1956-1967 Box/Folder 26/8Open Space Program, 1966Box/Folder 27/1Water Street Softball Field, 1965-1967
Resource Development Box/Folder 27/2Board, 1967Box/Folder 27/3News Releases, 1967Box/Folder 27/4Riverview Drive Water and Sewer Project, 1966-1968 
Safety Box/Folder 27/5Committee Reports, 1961-1967 Box/Folder 27/6Council, 1961-1962 Box/Folder 27/7Program, 1961
SchoolsBox/Folder 27/8-91961-1968Box/Folder 28/1Consolidation Correspondence, 1960-1962 Box/Folder 28/2Proposed Junior High, 1961 Box/Folder 28/3Shrine Circus, Carson Park Rental, 1955-1967Box/Folder 28/4Signs, 1963-1966Box/Folder 28/5Special Assessment, 1961-1967Box/Folder 28/6State Department of Local Affairs and Development, 1967 
State Office BuildingBox/Folder 28/71956-1962 Box/Folder 28/8Reports, 1956-1962 Box/Folder 28/9State Taxes, 1961
TelevisionBox/Folder 28/10Antenna System, Ordinance Change Requests, 1961 Box/Folder 28/11Town Crier Program, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 29/1Symphony Board of the State University, 1967Box/Folder 29/2Tavern Closing Hours, 1962
TrafficBox/Folder 29/3-41961-1968Box/Folder 29/5Clairmont Avenue, 1964-1969Box/Folder 29/6Trailer Houses and Camps, Monthly Parking Fees, 1961 Box/Folder 29/7Trash Cans, 1959-1962Box/Folder 29/8Tree Ordinance Models, 1966, 1967, n.d. Box/Folder 29/9Trees, 1956, 1957, 1962-1968Box/Folder 30/1Twin Cities-Milwaukee Long Haul Investigation 
United FundBox/Folder 30/2Giving Plan, 1964-1966Box/Folder 30/3Steering Committee, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 30/4United States Rubber Company, Water Contract, 1951- 1966 Box/Folder 30/5Urban Renewal, 1960-1965 Box/Folder 30/6Utility Tax, 1964-1967 Box/Folder 30/7Veteran's Organizations Censor, n.d.Box/Folder 30/8Visiting Nurses Association, 1961, 1962Box/Folder 30/9-11Vocational School, 1962-1969Box/Folder 31/1Wach's Correspondence, 1967Box/Folder 31/2Walker Avenue, 1961Box/Folder 31/3Washington Heights Sanitary District, 1964-1967 Box/Folder 31/4Water Division Study, 1961Box/Folder 31/5Waterworks, Federal Aid, 1964-1967
Weiford, Douglas Box/Folder 31/6Grand Rapids Episode, 1961Box/Folder 31/7-9General Correspondence, 1960-1967Box/Folder 31/10Personal Papers, 1965-1967 
Welfare Box/Folder 32/11961-1967Box/Folder 32/2City and County Consolidation, 1958, 1966, 1967Box/Folder 32/3Wisconsin City Manager's Association, 1961, 1962, 1966Box/Folder 32/4Wisconsin Retirement Fund, 1954-1961 Box/Folder 32/5Wisconsin State College, 1961Box/Folder 32/6Wisconsin Telephone Company, 1951-1962Box/Folder 32/7World Conference of Local Governments, Washington, D. C., 1961
Board of AppealsBox/Folder 32/8-111961-1967 Box/Folder 33/11968Box/Folder 33/2Extraterritorial, 1966 Box/Folder 33/3Hearings, 1964 Box/Folder 33/4-6Matters, 1961-1968 Box/Folder 33/7Ordinance Changes, 1959-1961Box/Folder 33/8University Heights of Eau Claire, Inc., 1962-1966Box/Folder 33/9Wesley Court Area, 1966