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Title: Eau Claire County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools: Records

Inclusive Dates: 1873-1990

Creator: Eau Claire County (Wis.). Superintendent of Schools

Call Number: Eau Claire Series 7

Quantity: 8.3 c.f. (8 archives boxes, 1 flat box, 10 card boxes, and 7 volumes)

Repository: This collection is managed jointly by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library-Archives Division and the Eau Claire Area Research Center.

Archival Locations: UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library / Eau Claire Area Research Ctr. 

Abstract: Records of the Eau Claire County, Wisconsin superintendent of schools consisting of administrative records (1874-1983) and records of county schools (1873-1990). Of special note are pupil records (1883-1965) and records relating to the superintendent's supervision of teachers (1874-1965). Pupil records provide information on individual students within the district and can include grades, attendance records, and family information. Records relating to the supervision of teachers often contain the teacher's biographical information, grades, certification status, and teaching experience. Records of county schools include records from six school districts in Eau Claire County. Most heavily represented is the Town of Washington District No. 3, Lowes Creek School (1873-1990), with financial records, meeting minutes, and numerous photographs. Others represented are Altoona School, Town of Brunswick District No. 1, Town of Hallie District No. 7, Town of Washington District No. 1, and Town of Washington Joint District No. 9, Brackett Elementary School.

Language: English

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  • School District No. 1, Town of Washington (Eau Claire County, Wis.)
  • School District No. 3, Town of Washington (Eau Claire County, Wis.)
  • Joint School District No. 9, Town of Washington (Eau Claire County, Wis.) 


In 1861 the Wisconsin Legislature established the office of county superintendent of schools. The position originated with two-year terms of office but was extended to four-year terms with an amendment to the State Constitution made in 1929. Throughout the history of the position, county superintendents have been elected at general elections. Since 1895 county superintendents have been required to have teaching experience in Wisconsin public schools and to possess a teaching certificate. Since 1929 the position has also required that the county superintendent be a resident of the county for which he/she serves.

County superintendents typically have jurisdiction over all public schools located in the county. Responsibilities have altered slightly throughout Wisconsin legislative history but generally include visiting and examining schools to assure the proper education, health, and welfare of pupils; reporting needed repairs and improvements to the County School Board and to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction; overseeing curriculum, instruction methods, and physical condition of school buildings, property, and equipment; issuing certificates for pupils completing a course of study; examining and licensing teachers; maintaining lists of authorized textbooks and school library purchases; and providing general supervision and guidance for schools within the county. The position requires routine contact with individual schools and school officials, County Board members, and the State Superintendent. Such contact is maintained through several types of incoming and outgoing reports and regular participation in meetings and conventions.

Scope and Content Note

The Eau Claire County Superintendent of Schools Records are arranged into two main series: ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS, 1874-1965, and RECORDS OF COUNTY SCHOOLS, 1873-1990.

ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS primarily document the Superintendent's duties to report to state and county officials, issue certificates to pupils completing the course of study, examine, license and supervise teachers in the district system, and in general manage the county school system.

Reports to and from the Superintendent span 1882-1964 and provide information and statistics about individual schools as well as the school system as a whole. Census tabulation sheets (1916-1959) identify school districts and corresponding towns and provide statistics on student enrollment for each district. For some time periods the tabulation sheets may have been used to compile the school censuses which were filed with the Annual Reports.

Reports from towns to the County Superintendent consist of two volumes of county school information compiled by the Superintendent's office (1882-1886). The volumes list schools by township name and district number and provide names of clerks and teachers, enrollment statistics, and dates of visits by the County Superintendent. One file folder contains Annual Reports completed by towns and submitted to the County Superintendent. These Annual Reports provide enrollment statistics and information compiled in the census tabulation sheets and only cover 1912.

Reports from the County Superintendent to the State (1889-1964) include school censuses, enrollment and attendance statistics, reports on teachers' experience and salaries, and financial statements.

Reports of County Superintendent to the County Board (1920-1961) are annual reports that include descriptions of achievements, updates, challenges and problems in the county schools, educational programs and activities, and statistical summaries (enrollment and census, teacher salaries, income and expense reports).

In the Annual Reports of the County Traveling Library (1947-1961), the County Superintendent provides the County Board with library updates, circulation and inventory statistics, and information on employees.

Other material in the ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS series includes programs from events held at the school(s) or otherwise related to the district (circa 1938-1940, 1969); photos of the Superintendent and School Board (1943-1983); and a County School Board attendance book (1909-1921) listing people who attended Teachers' Institute meetings and School Board Conventions and distinguishing participants according to township and school district number.

Correspondence includes a letter book volume of outgoing correspondence (1892-1903) and two file folders of General Correspondence with outgoing and incoming letters. The correspondence file folder for 1940-1954 relates primarily to student attendance and residence.

In the School Consolidation records, the Information and Forms folder (1956-1962) contains statistical, financial, and narrative information used to divide assets of school districts.

Pupil Records provide information on individual students within the district, 1883-1965. Researchers seeking information about an individual should determine the student's years of attendance and consult appropriate records for additional information. The Eighth Grade Graduation Cards (circa 1932-1965, described in more detail below) are organized alphabetically by pupils' surnames and can provide dates of attendance. The Record of Pupil Exams (1883-1915) and the Pupil Exam Book (1920-1922) contain the student's name, age, township, exam grades and date of diploma. Two Student Grade Books for 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders (1916-1919 and 1926-1931) contain township name and school district number, teacher's name, student name and age, and student grades with teacher comments. Eighth Grade Graduate Rosters (1927-1965) list graduates for the year by township and school, and for a few years include grades earned or additional information about the students. More comprehensive information about eighth grade graduates can be found in the Eighth Grade Graduation Cards (circa 1932-1965) which contain the student's name and age or date of birth, parents' names, address, and date of graduation. Some of these cards also provide information about the student's grades and other remarks. Pupil Records (1942-1943) contain a roster of school district officers, teacher's contact information, names of graduating eighth graders, and budget and financial summaries. Pupil records are listed on the contents list by beginning date of each item.

The Teacher Information folder contains a volume (1874-1875) of certificates issued, exam grades, names of hired teachers, wages, and terms of employment. The folder also contains a Guide to Teachers Handbook (1955-1956) containing program and curriculum information, policies and administration information, and a list of approved text books.

Supervision of Teacher records also include teacher exam and certificate information in volumes, cards, papers, and stub books. Teacher Certificates Granted (1876-1881) and Records of Teacher Exams (1882-1904, 1892-1897, and 1909-1915) are volumes that contain names and ages of applicants for teaching certification, grades, and dates of certification. The Record of Teacher Exams for 1884 contains the same information in a file folder. Teacher Service Records (circa 1910-1950) are cards that provide the teacher's name, date of birth, marital status, race, educational background, certification status, and teaching experience. Teacher Service Records (circa 1927-1965) are cards that provide the teacher's name, schools in which they taught, years of employment, and grade levels and/or subject matter taught. Teacher Exams (1886-1904 and 19051938) are the Superintendent's copy of the teaching certificate information (often referred to as stub books) retained after the formal certificate was presented to the new teacher. Data includes the teacher's name, age, address, exam grades, and information about the grade level and subject matter they were certified to teach and for what length of time. Stub books are organized by date of certification and are not alphabetical by the teacher's last name. Researchers are encouraged to find out the approximate date/s of teaching or certification before navigating the stub books. The Teacher Service Records, circa 1927-1965, are organized alphabetically by teacher's surname and can provide dates of employment.

The series of COUNTY SCHOOL RECORDS (1873-1990) contains records from a small number of schools in the county. Typical types of records are school board minutes, financial records, reports, and registers. School registers generally contain pupil names, grades, and attendance records. Some also include the teacher's daily program of study, visitor log, and state reading circle records. The Town of Washington District #3 Lowes School records also include newsletters, directories and handbooks, slides and photographs, Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) minutes, and a guestbook and commemorative program.

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Acquisition Information 

Transferred from the offices of former Superintendent Dr. Marvin Lansing, 1986 and circa 1992.

Contents List

Eau Claire Series 7Series: Administrative Records, 1874- 1983 Box 1Census Tabulation Sheets, 1916-1959 
Reports of Towns to County Superintendent, 1882-1912 Volume 11882-1884 Volume 21882-1886 Box 11912 Box 1Reports of County Superintendent to the State, 1889- 1964Box 2Reports of County Superintendent to County Board, 1920- 1961 Box 2Annual Reports of County Traveling Library from Superintendent to County Board, 1947-1961 Box 2Programs from Events, circa 1938-1940, 1969 
Photos, Superintendent and School Board, 1943-1983Eau Claire Series 7 Box 2Photocopies, 1969 Box 2County School Board Conventions Attendance Book, 1909-1921
Correspondence, 1892-1954 Box 3Letterbook (outgoing correspondence), 1892-1903 Box 3General Correspondence (incoming and outgoing), 1914-1954 
School Consolidation, 1947-1963 Box 3Annexation of the Hutchinson School District #7, Town of Hallie, Chippewa County, 1947-1950 Box 3Consolidation Information and Forms, 1956-1962Box 3Consolidation Agreement with Altoona, 1961-1962 Box 3Consolidation Agreement with Chippewa Falls, 1962-1963 Box 3Special Tax Levy to Districts Operating Shortages, 1958- 1961 Box 3Tax Levy Problem, 1962-1963 
Pupil Records, 1883-1965Volume 3Record of Pupil Exams, 1883-1915 Box 4Student Grade Book, 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders, 1916- 1919 Box 16Pupil Exam Book, 1920-1922 Volume 4Student Grade Book, 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders, 1926- 1931Box 4Eighth Grade Graduate Rosters, 1927-1965 Box 4Pupil Records, 1942-1943
Eighth Grade Graduation Cards, circa 1932-1965 Box 5A-CBox 6C-GBox 7G-JBox 8J-MBox 9M-PBox 10P-SBox 11S-WBox 12X-Z
Supervision of Teachers, 1874-1965 Box 2Teacher Information, 1874-1880, 1955-1956 Volume 5Teacher Certificates Granted, 1876-1881 Volume 6Record of Teacher Exams, 1882-1904 Box 2Record of Teacher Exams, 1884 Volume 7Record of Teacher Exams, 1892-1897 Box 16Record of Teacher Exams, 1909-1915 Box 2Teacher Service Records, circa 1910-1950 Box 13Teacher Service Records, circa 1927-1965 
Teacher ExamsBox 141886-1904 Box 151905-1938 
Series: County Schools Records, 1873- 1990Box 19Altoona School Student Newspapers, 1960-1966 Box 19Town of Brunswick District #1 Minutes, 1946-1961 
Town of Hallie District #7 (Chippewa County), 1927-1950 Box 18Treasurer's Account Book, 1935-1950 Box 18Minutes, 1927-1949 and Financials, 1927-1950 Box 18Town of Washington District #1 Annual Reports and School Census, 1934-1959 
Town of Washington District #3 Lowes Creek School, 1873-1990 Box 17Clerk's Record Book, 1880-1896 Box 18Account Book, 1925-1952Box 18Financial Records and Meeting Minutes, 1939-1953 Box 17Board Minutes, 1956 Box 17School Census, 1937-1939 Box 17Newsletters, Directories, and Handbooks, 1984-1990 
Photos of School Activities, 1977-1986 Eau Claire Series 7 Box 17Photocopies 
PTO Minutes Box 181957-1964 Box 181965-1981 
School Registers, 1873-1946 Box 171873-1902 Box 161882-1886 Box 161926-1932 Box 161932-1938 Box 161938-1946 Box 17Enrollment and Attendance Records, 1948-1953 Box 17School Registers, 1953-1961 Box 17Town of Washington Joint District #9 Brackett Elementary School, 1961-1989Eau Claire Series 7 Box 18PTO/PTA Minutes, 1961-197