SharePoint (Insider): Site Collection Creation (admin only)

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Log Into Office 365 Portal Admin

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in as O365 account.
  3. Click the Admin app.
  4. Click the Admin icon in the left navigation menu.
  5. Click SharePoint. This will open the SharePoint admin center page.

Create a New Site Collection

  1. Click the New dropdown menu.
  2. Click Private Site Collection.
  3. Type the intended Title and Web Site Address.
  4. Select the Publishing > Publishing Portal template.
  5. Select (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US and Canada) from the Time Zone dropdown menu.
  6. Type O365admin2 in the Administrator field.
  7. Type 10 in the Storage Quota field.
  8. Click OK
    NOTE: It will take about 10 minutes for the site collection to complete setup.

Add Site Collection Permissions

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint admin center page.
  2. Add insider.sitecollectionadmins as a Site Collection Administrator (do no remove O365ADMIN2).
  3. Set sharing to Don't allow sharing outside your organization.
  4. Set sharing sub-option to Turn off sharing for non-owners on all sites in this site collection.
  5. Navigate to the newly created SharePoint site collection.
  6. Grant Everyone except external users domain group with Read permissions (if appropriate).
  7. Change site collection owner SharePoint group's permission to Design from Full Control.
  8. Update the Contribute permissions level to include Add and Customize Pages
  9. Update the Design permissions level to include Enumerate Permissions.
  10. Remove access requests.

Apply Settings

  1. Apply the following alternate CSS: /UWEC/CSS/uwec.css.
  2. Change site logo to /UWEC/images/SPLogo.png.
  3. Set the following page layout and site template settings:
    • Restrict available subsites to only the Publishing Site (All) template.
    • Restrict available page layouts to only the (Welcome Page) Blank Web Part page page layouts.
    • Set New Page Default Settings to (Welcome Page) Blank Web Part page.
  4. Set the global and current navigation menus to Structural Navigation: Display the navigation below the current site and remove Show Subsites selections in checkboxes.
  5. Update the following site feature:
    • Activate - Team Collaboration Lists
  6. Update the following site collection features:
    • Deactivate - Limited-access user permission lockdown mode
    • Activate - SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
    • Activate - SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features
  7. Set the following site collection homepage settings:
    • Add appropriate title to site collection homepage.
    • Remove OOTB web parts and content on site collection homepage.
  8. Grant site-level permissions.
  9. Set versioning in the Documents library to major versions only and remove required check-out.
  10. Set versioning in the Images library to major versions only and remove required check-out.

Site Tracking and Navigation

  1. Add the site collection as an option in site collection tracking list.
  2. Add the site collection to the site tracking list.
  3. Add all of the site collection's subsites to the site tracking list
  4. Add new site collections to the A-Z list.