Guide to the Jack Zais Uniroyal Collection, 1898-2013

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Overview of the Collection

Special Collections & Archives
McIntyre Library
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
P.O. Box 4004
105 Garfield Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

Reference Code: USGZE UHC358

Accession Number: 16-024

Collection Number: University Historical Collection 358 

Creator: John (Jack) Zais

Title: Jack Zais Uniroyal Collection

Dates: 1898-2013

Quantity: 16 linear feet (15 1/2 record cartons)

Location of Collection: B6/4b-B6/4g

Languages: Collection materials are in English.

Summary: Collection contains John (Jack) Zais’ research material regarding Uniroyal.

Biographical/Historical Note

John (Jack) Zais was employed at the Eau Claire Tire plant for over twenty five years. He was heavily involved in the union during his time as an employee which allowed him a large breadth of inside information. This mixed with his love for history helped him begin research on the Eau Claire Tire Plant Publications.

Content Description

This collection contains the research material of John (Jack) Zais’ research on Uniroyal.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information: Donated to the Special Collections & Archives, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire by John (Jack) Zais in July 2015.

Access Restrictions: Collection is open to the public.

Use Restrictions: Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. Copyright owned by the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

Processing Note: Processed by Jeremy Swick in May 2016 – January 2017.

Arrangement: Flat arrangement.

OCLC #: 1268549471


Uniroyal, inc.--History
Rubber industry and trade--Wisconsin--Eau Claire--History
Tire industry--Wisconsin--Eau Claire--History
Eau Claire (Wis.)--History
Uniroyal Tire Company

Personal Names
Ahneman, Jim
Christian, Harry
Ghonsn, Carlos
Hutchens, Ralph
Laursen, Lauritz
Lowe, Henry
MacLeod, J.H.
Springfield, Kelly
Thompson, Tommy
Zais, Jack (John)

Corporate Names:

Akron Tire
Boone Tire
Bridgestone Tire
Chippewa Valley Museum
Coca Cola
Dayton Tire
Dunlop Tire
Firestone Tire
Gear Shift Company
Gillette Plant
Goodyear Tire
Hotel Eau Claire
Mansfield Tire Company
Michelin Tire
Mohawk Tire Company
Pacific Rubber & Tire Company
Pennsylvania Rubber & Tire Company
Pharis Tire & Rubber Company
Polson Rubber Company
Porsche Tire
Rubber Industries Company
Seiberling Tire Company
Toyo Tire Company
UNI Washington Clothing Plant
Uniroyal Tire Company
US Magazine
US Rubber

Detailed List of Contents

Box 1/Folder 1

Contract Negotiations—Master (1963)

Box 1/Folders 2-4

Strike (1963)

Box 1/Folder 5

Contract-Concession-Strikes (1918-1940)

Box 1/Folders 6-7


Box 1/Folder 8

Concessions (1963)

Box 1/Folder 9

Sup. Negotiations (1963)

Box 1/Folder 10

GOTR (1980-2012)

Box 1/Folder 11

GOTR (1978-1979)

Box 1/Folder 12

GOTR (1970-1977)

Box 1/Folder 13

GOTR (1937-1969)

Box 1/Folder 14


Box 1/Folder 15


Box 1/Folder 16

Master Negotatiations (1965)

Box 1/Folder 17

Strike (1965)

Box 1/Folders 18-24

Strike (1967)

Box 1/Folder 25

Chapter 41 – Mono-Swing Part 2

Box 1/Folder 26

Chapter 40 – Monopoly

Box 1/Folder 27


Box 1/Folder 28

1st Tire—War’s End

Box 1/Folder 29

Hidden Agenda

Box 1/Folder 30

Reconversion/Hidden Agenda

Box 1/Folder 31

Munitions Ops Pics

Box 1/Folder 32


Box 1/Folder 33

Munitions Ops

Box 1/Folder 34

Add to Chap’s 25, 26, 27

Box 1/Folder 35

Chap 25

Box 1/Folder 36

Chap 24—Up to Conversion

Box 1/Folder 37

Chap 22

Box 1/Folder 38

Chap 21: Great Depression Years

Box 1/Folder 39


Box 1/Folder 40

Gillette Station

Box 1/Folder 41

Roaring 20’s

Box 1/Folder 42


Box 1/Folder 43

Last Stages of Receivership

Box 1/Folder 44

Laursen’s Process

Box 1/Folder 45

Riding Out The Storm

Box 1/Folder 46


Box 1/Folder 47

Lull Before The Storm

Box 1/Folder 48

Hotel Eau Claire

Box 1/Folder 49

Boone Tire: “Competitor at the Footstep”

Box 1/Folder 50

Gear Shift Company

Box 1/Folder 51

Chippewa Valley Rubber

Box 1/Folder 52

Robust and Lean Years

Box 1/Folder 53

1st Tire—Trademark

Box 1/Folder 54


Box 1/Folders 55-59


Box 1/Folder 60

1970’s News Clips

Box 1/Folders 61-69


Box 2/Folder 1

47 & Calm

Box 2/Folders 2-8

Michelin Buy Out

Box 2/Folder 9


Box 2/Folder 10

Plant Comparison Between Competing Companies

Box 2/Folder 11


Box 2/Folder 12

Prospectus: 70 Million Shares

Box 2/Folder 13

Bridge between (?)

Box 2/Folder 14


Box 2/Folder 15


Box 2/Folder 16

Icahn chapter

Box 2/Folder 17

Chap 49 JV B

Box 2/Folder 18

Chap 49- J.V.A.

Box 2/Folder 19

1980’s (1985) Between Icahn and (?)

Box 2/Folder 20


Box 2/Folder 21

1-1-80 to 7-22-81

Box 2/Folder 22

Chap 47 Divisions Split

Box 2/Folder 23

Jan 3, 85

Box 2/Folder 24

1877-April 88

Box 2/Folder 25

Tire Industry Mexico

Box 2/Folder 26

Toyo Tire Comp.

Box 2/Folder 27

Tire Ind-Italy

Box 2/Folder 28

Tire Ind-Rankings

Box 2/Folder 29

Tire Ind-Iran

Box 2/Folder 30

Tire Ind-Asia

Box 2/Folder 31

Dayton Tire Co. Related

Box 2/Folder 32

Tire Ind-Russia (USSR)

Box 2/Folder 33

Rubber Industries Co. (A Failed Tire Company) (1979)

Box 2/Folder 34

Strikes—Plymouth Rubber Co. (1978)

Box 2/Folder 35

UGTC Earning Related

Box 2/Folder 36

Teamsters Related

Box 2/Folder 37

Pension Plans—Underfunded Info USA Related

Box 2/Folder 38

Sickness/Accident Pay Related

Box 2/Folder 39

Tire Industry - Buyouts Related

Box 2/Folder 40

Skilled Trades Job Descriptions

Box 2/Folder 41

Transferring Work (?) Rep

Box 2/Folder 42

Skilled Trades Write-Ups, Agreements

Box 2/Folder 43

Outside Contracting Rep

Box 2/Folder 44

Dept. of Labor (Don’t Use)

Box 2/Folder 45 

Lunch Break Related (Don’t Use)

Box 2/Folder 46

Maintenance Pay Related

Box 2/Folder 47

Policy Committee Meets

Box 2/Folder 48

Maintenance Job Combinations Related

Box 2/Folder 49

B Div. Agreements

Box 2/Folder 50

Outside Contract Info and Correspondence

Box 2/Folder 51

Opelika Bylaws

Box 2/Folder 52

Cont. ops. – E.C. vs. Opelika

Box 2/Folder 53


Box 2/Folder 54


Box 2/Folder 55

Ready for College

Box 2/Folder 56

Tire Companies, Misc.

Box 2/Folder 57

Opelika Plant, related

Box 2/Folder 58

Michelin Tire Plants rel.

Box 2/Folder 59

Raiders, Corporate etc.

Box 2/Folder 60-61

Pension Plan Financial Stat.

Box 2/Folder 62

Medical Cost Cont.

Box 2/Folder 63

Transfer of Work (35a5)

Box 2/Folder 64

Michelin-Kleben Tire

Box 2/Folder 65

Michelin-China ops

Box 2/Folder 66

Retirements, B Div.

Box 2/Folder 67

Chief Steward-EC Plant, 1977

Box 2/Folder 68

Goodyear Local 831

Box 2/Folder 69

Michelin-Medical Records Related

Box 2/Folder 70

Trading Depts. Related

Box 2/Folder 71

Working to End of Shift

Box 2/Folder 72

Shift Changing Related

Box 2/Folder 73

Company Sales Room Related

Box 2/Folder 74

Plant Close—Dayton Tire

Box 2/Folder 75

Tire Ind-Germany

Box 2/Folder 76

Michelin Boycott Related

Box 2/Folder 77

New Hire Related

Box 2/Folder 78

North Carolina Studies, Eau Claire Plant

Box 2/Folder 79

Crew Leader Related

 Box 2/Folder 80

Wages-Uniroyal/US Rubber

Box 2/Folder 81

EC Plant Safety Related

Box 2/Folder 82

Uniroyal-Wages to Corp. Offices

Box 2/Folder 83

Uniroyal-Scrap Metal Program

Box 2/Folder 84

Tour Routes, EC

Box 2/Folder 85

Trade Secrets, Uniroyal

Box 2/Folder 86

Right the 1st Time—Uniroyal

Box 2/Folder 87

America, Who Stole The Dream

Box 2/Folder 88

Michelin Managers Related

Box 2/Folder 89

Goodyear—Topeka Plant

Box 2/Folder 90

Goodyear—Gadsen Plant

Box 2/Folder 91

Goodyear—Lawton Plant

Box 2/Folder 92


Box 3/Folder 1

Wedding Related

Box 3/Folder 2

Uniroyal Mish. Plant

Box 3/Folder 3


Box 3/Folder 4

Light Duty, EC Plant

Box 3/Folder 5

Light Duty Committee Notes—E.C.

Box 3/Folder 6

Medical Placement Job Related

Box 3/Folder 7

URW Secretary/Treasurers

Box 3/Folder 8

Japanese Manufacturing Tech.

Box 3/Folder 9

Merger, USWA, UAW, and IAM

Box 3/Folder 10


Box 3/Folder 11

Merger—URW/OCAW/Paper Workers

Box 3/Folder 12

Interpret’s, Uniform A

Box 3/Folders 13-14


Box 3/Folders 15-16

Interp’s, Sub

Box 3/Folders 17-20


Box 3/Folder 21

Interprets—Time Study

Box 3/Folders 22-23

Michelin Capital Investment

Box 3/Folder 24

Uniroyal, Tire Related

Box 3/Folder 25

Inventory Adjustments

Box 3/Folder 26

Tire Plants—US

Box 3/Folder 27

Tire Plants—Worldwide

Box 3/Folder 28

Tire Plants—North America

Box 3/Folder 29

Continental/General Tire

Box 3/Folder 30

Transplant Comps.

Box 3/Folder 31

Michelin Continental Joint Ven.

Box 3/Folder 32

Tire Ind.—S. Africa

Box 3/Folder 33

Cash Flow

Box 3/Folder 34

USCD Warehousing

Box 3/Folder 35

Tire Ind.—Australia

Box 3/Folder 36

Board of Directors, Uniroyal

Box 3/Folder 37

Advertisement, Emp’s

Box 3/Folder 38

Annual Reports, Uniroyal

Box 3/Folder 39

Kelly Springfield Related

Box 3/Folder 40

Goodyear Gadsen Plant

Box 3/Folder 41

Thompson, Tommy: Letters T/F on Plant

Box 3/Folder 42

Medicare Part B Related

Box 3/Folder 43

Med. Part B—Comp. Reimburse

Box 3/Folder 44

CPI Related

Box 3/Folders 45-46

Goodyear, General Information

Box 3/Folders 47-49


Box 3/Folder 50

Goodyear—Goldsmith Takeover Attempt

Box 3/Folder 51

Goodyear Local 2 Union Related

Box 3/Folder 52

Goodyear —2003 Woes

Box 3/Folder 53

Mohawk Tire Comp.

Box 3/Folder 54

BFG Related

Box 3/Folder 55

BFG—Workforce Reduc.

Box 3/Folder 56

Kelly—Spring. Cumberland

Box 3/Folders 57-58

Organizing Efforts—URW

Box 3/Folder 59

URW Organizing (USW abo)

Box 3/Folder 60

URW Organizing Program

Box 3/Folder 61

Samples and Ideas for Your Organizing Campaign (Available from the URW Organizational Department)

Box 3/Folder 62


Box 3/Folders 63-64

Plant Close—Chicopee

Box 4/Folder 1

Gain Share

Box 4/Folder 2

Positive Statements

Box 4/Folders 3-5

Preferential Hiring

Box 4/Folder 6

Hiring Policy

Box 4/Folder 7

EC Pet (?), Hiring Policy

Box 4/Folder 8


Box 4/Folder 9

Plant Close, 1991-1992

Box 4/Folder 10

June 92-2013 After Closure

Box 4/Folder 11

After Closure News

Box 4/Folder 12


Box 4/Folder 13

Health and Safety

Box 4/Folder 14

COD Leveraged Buyout and Icahn

Box 4/Folder 15

The New COD Owned UGTC

Box 4/Folder 16

Right to Work States

Box 4/Folder 17

Equity Units

Box 4/Folder 18

Plant Close—Optimism, Positives

Box 4/Folder 19

Positive Statements

Box 4/Folder 20

Life of Uncertainties, Positives

Box 4/Folder 21

Positive Statements

Box 4/Folder 22

Plant Close—Positives

Box 4/Folder 23

Profit—Gain Sharing

Box 4/Folders 24-25

Preferential Hire

Box 4/Folders 26-27

Profit Sharing

Box 4/Folder 28

70,000,000 Prospective

Box 4/Folder 29

$415 Million Prospectus, 1988

Box 4/Folder 30


Box 4/Folder 31

Uniroyal/UGTC History, US Rubber

Box 4/Folder 32


Box 4/Folder 33


Box 4/Folder 34

Awards, Audits

Box 4/Folder 35

Continuous Operations

Box 4/Folder 36


Box 4/Folders 37-39

Michelin Acquisition

Box 4/Folder 40


Box 4/Folder 41

UGTC Products Supplied Auto Industry

Box 4/Folder 42

Anti-Concession Postings

Box 4/Folders 43-47

Opelika Plant

Box 4/Folder 48

Chapter 44

Box 4/Folder 49

Joint Venture

Box 4/Folders 50-51

Formation of UGTC

Box 4/Folder 52


Box 4/Folder 53

C & Dub Security Owners (?), Amounts, etc.

Box 4/Folder 54

Clayton-Dubilier Buy-Out Related

Box 4/Folder 55

Equity Units (SAR) & Clayton-Dubilier Buy-Out

Box 4/Folder 56

C. Dubilier Questions and Answers

Box 4/Folder 57

Capital Invest. (Michelin Plants)

Box 4/Folder 58

Michelin Manufacturing Techniques

Box 4/Folder 59

General Tire—General Corps.

Box 4/Folder 60

War Dead Names

Box 4/Folder 61

Mich—Multi-Brand Marketing Related

Box 4/Folder 62

Porsche Tire, UGTC Contract

Box 4/Folder 63


Box 4/Folder 64

Michelin —Tire Innovation

Box 4/Folder 65

War—Union Representation

Box 4/Folder 66

National Labor Board

Box 4/Folder 67

Strikes—URW Affecting WWII, No Strike Pledge

Box 5/Folders 1-3


Box 5/Folder 4


Box 5/Folder 5

1963 concession minutes

Box 5/Folders 6-10


Box 5/Folder 11


Box 5/Folders 12-13

History, 1950s

Box 5/Folder 14


Box 5/Folder 15

Jan-Dec 1949

Box 5/Folder 16

Jan-Dec 1948

Box 5/Folder 17

Jan-Dec 1947

Box 5/Folder 18

July-Dec 1946

Box 5/Folder 19

May-June 1946

Box 5/Folder 20

Jan-April 1946

Box 5/Folder 21

Aug-Dec 1945

Box 5/Folder 22

May-July 1945

Box 5/Folder 23

Coca Cola Salute 1945

Box 5/Folder 24

March-April 1945

Box 5/Folder 25

Prelude/Jan-Feb 1945

Box 5/Folder 26

Nov-Dec 1944

Box 5/Folder 27

October (New Plant!) 1944

Box 5/Folder 28

EC Plant, Workers Temp’y to Other Plants

Box 5/Folder 29

October 1944

Box 5/Folder 30

September 1944

Box 5/Folder 31

August 1944

Box 5/Folder 32

June-July 1944

Box 5/Folder 33

March-May 1944

Box 5/Folder 34

February 1944

Box 5/Folder 35

Prelude/January 1944

Box 5/Folder 36

Nov-Dec 1943

Box 5/Folder 37

Sept-Oct 1943

Box 5/Folder 38

May-August 1943

Box 5/Folder 39

Prelude/Jan-April 1943

Box 5/Folder 40

Oct-Dec 1942

Box 5/Folder 41

Aug-Sept 1942

Box 5/Folder 42

June-July 1942

Box 5/Folder 43

May 1942

Box 5/Folder 44

April 1942

Box 5/Folder 45

March 1942

Box 5/Folder 46

February 1942

Box 5/Folder 47

January 1942

Box 5/Folder 48

Before Ordnance-1941

Box 5/Folder 49

Area 2 Plant (Ordnance)

Box 5/Folder 50

Munition Ops. Pictures

Box 5/Folder 51


Box 5/Folder 52

Quiet 1930s

Box 5/Folders 53-54


Box 5/Folder 55


Box 5/Folder 56

Add Ins—1920s

Box 5/Folder 57

Add ** 1910s

Box 5/Folders 58-59

Joint Venture

Box 5/Folder 60

Prospectus ($415,000,000) 1988

Box 5/Folders 61-63


Box 6/Folders 1-4

Don’t Use-Didn’t Use—Pictures etc.

Box 6/Folder 5

Reconversion (Don’t Use)

Box 6/Folder 6

Pictures Used for Books

Box 6/Folders 7-8

Pictures Scanned and in Note Books for BK #6 and More

Box 6/Folder 9


Box 6/Folder 10

Pictures Scanned and in Note Books for BK #6

Box 6/Folder 11

Pictures Scanned for BK 6 (Note Book Pics) and Others

Box 6/Folder 12

No Label (Photographs)

Box 6/Folder 13

Pictures Scanned for Use in Books

Box 6/Folder 14

Master Negs, Concessions, 1988

Box 6/Folder 15

Coral (?) Conces. 1988

Box 6/Folders 16-17

1988 Conces.

Box 6/Folder 18

Joint Venture

Box 6/Folder 19

Concessions 1988 Master

Box 6/Folder 20

1988 Conces.

Box 6/Folder 21


Box 6/Between Folders 21-22

Three Copies of the Leader Telegram, 7/28/1972: “Eau Claire: Centennial City”

Box 6/Folder 22

Bridgestone Related

Box 6/Folder 23

Firestone (After Purchase by Bridgestone)

Box 6/Folder 24 

Productivity, Improvement Related

Box 6/Folder 25

Productivity Improvement

Box 6/Folder 26

Productivity—Tire Industry Related

Box 6/Folder 27

Workman’s Comp. Related, E.C.

Box 6/Folder 28

W.C., Eau Claire Plant

Box 6/Folder 29

Uniroyal Plant Locations

Box 6/Folder 30

Continental Tire

Box 6/Folder 31

Continuous Ops, Uniroyal

Box 6/Folder 32

Uniroyal, Sales of Plants

Box 6/Folder 33

Plant Closure, Detroit

Box 6/Folder 34

Plant Closures, General

Box 7/Folders 1-2


Box 7/Folder 3

Presto Pictures

Box 7/Folder 4

Minimum Wage Related

Box 7/Folder 5

NAFTA Related

Box 7/Folder 6

National Recovery Act (NRA)

Box 7/Folder 7

Picketing Related

Box 7/Folder 8

Price and Wage Controls

Box 7/Folder 9

Tire Production Levels, Industry

Box 7/Folder 10

John de Rosier History

Box 7/Folder 11

Tire Recycling Related

Box 7/Folder 12

NRA, CCC, WPA etc.

Box 7/Folder 13

Company Divestments

Box 7/Folder 14

EC Plant, Sales Promotions

Box 7/Folder 15

Strikes, Auto Industry

Box 7/Folder 16

Tire Industry—Demand

Box 7/Folder 17

Const.—Tire Industry, General Info

Box 7/Folder 18

Tire Industry—Foreign Cont. in US

Box 7/Folders 19-20

Tire Industry—General Info

Box 7/Folder 21

Tire Industry, Misc. Articles

Box 7/Folder 22

Tire Industry—Misc.

Box 7/Folders 23-24

Tire Industry—General Info

Box 7/Folder 25

Listings of Plants

Box 7/Folder 26

Marketing Strategy

Box 7/Folder 27

USR—Philharmonic Sym.

00Box 7/Folder 28

USR—Subcontracts Material Processing

Box 7/Folder 29

Vehicle Registrations

Box 7/Folder 30

Wet/Dry Issues

Box 7/Folder 31

Between US Excerpts and Copies of Newsletters

Box 7/Folder 32

ECP—History, Others’ Write-Ups

Box 7/Folder 33

MarLeod History

Box 7/Folder 34

Union Misc.

Box 7/Folder 35

Don’t Need

Box 7/Folder 36

EC Plant, Pictures Wanted

Box 7/Folder 37

Tire Plant Pictures

Box 7/Folder 38

General Histories

Box 7/Folder 39

Capacity Related

Box 7/folder 40

Annual Reports (Stock Holders)

Box 7/Folder 41

ECP—Truck Tires Related

Box 7/Folder 42

Plant Closure Issues

Box 7/Folder 43

Prescription Drug Program

Box 7/Folder 44

EC Plant, Plant Shutdowns

Box 7/Folder 45

ECP Strike Related, URW NON Eau Claire

Box 7/Folder 46

ECP Inequities/Raises

Box 7/Folder 47

Tire Pricing Related

Box 7/Folder 48

Wages, National and Union Rates

Box 7/Folder 49

Stock Holders Reports

Box 7/Folder 50

Foreign Operations

Box 7/Folder 51

Raw Material Cost Related, Misc.

Box 7/Folder 52

Financial Status—Company

Box 7/Folder 53

Retreads Related

Box 7/Folder 54

Profit, Gain Sharing

Box 7/Folder 55

Obits, Related

Box 7/Folder 56

City Directory Deaths Project

Box 7/Folder 57

AFL-CIO Legislative News

Box 7/Folder 58

EC City New Industries

Box 7/Folder 59

History 1940-42 (Pre-Ordnance)

Box 7/Folder 60

USR Communications to Employees

Box 7/Folder 61

Ads in Ad Story

/Box 7/Folder 62

Misc. Tire Ads (Old)

Box 7/Folder 63

Gillette Plant Competitors

Box 7/Folder 64

EC Plant, Transfer Related (Cont. (?))

Box 7/Folder 65

Retiree Info

Box 7/Folder 66

Employment Levels

Box 7/Folder 67

Ahneman, Jim

Box 7/Folder 68

Letters To/From on Book

Box 7/Folder 69

Hotel Eau Claire

Box 7/Folder 70

ECP—Profit/Loss Early Gillettes

Box 7/Folder 71

Mine Accidents—Safety

Box 7/Folder 72

Miners Related

Box 7/Folder 73

Racine/Ajax/Federal Tire

Box 7/Folder 74

Done With

Box 7/Folder 75

ECP—History (Spare Copies)

Box 7/Folder 76

History—Gillette Fam.

Box 7/Folder 77

Storrs Info/Pics

Box 7/Folder 78


Box 7/Folders 79-82

History 1920s

Box 7/Folder 83


Box 7/Folders 84-85

History 1920s

Box 7/Folder 86

WTAQ Plays

Box 7/Folder 87

WTAQ Related

Box 8/Folder 1

Tire Grading, Govt. Spec.

Box 8/Folder 2

Joint Venture

Box 8/Folder 3

Govts Buying Our Tires (Ad ins Mpt)

Box 8/Folder 4

Employee Involvement

Box 8/Folder 5


Box 8/Folder 6


Box 8/Folder 7

Tire Grading

Box 8/Folder 8


Box 8/Folder 9

TQP Quality Cir.

Box 8/Folder 10


Box 8/Folders 11-12

Employee Involvement

Box 8/Folder 13

EC Pant, Quality Related

Box 8/Folder 14

Presto Related

Box 8/Folder 15

USR Foreign Plants

Box 8/Folder 16

Polson Rubber Co. (Tubes)

Box 8/Folder 17

Lake Shore Rubber & Tire Co.

Box 8/Folder 18

Pacific Rubber & Tire Co.

Box 8/Folder 19

Pennsylvania Rubber & Tire Co.

Box 8/Folder 20

Pharis Tire & Rubber Co.

Box 8/Folder 21

Dunlop Tire Related

Box 8/Folder 22

Michelin—Shoes Related

Box 8/Folder 23

Tire Plants; Worldwide

Box 8/Folder 24

Tire Plant Listings (Union and Non-Union)

Box 8/Folder 25

Minimum Wage Related

Box 8/Folder 26

Concessions (Other Comps)

Box 8/Folder 27

Slave Labor Related

Box 8/Folder 28

MSR, Engineered Products

Box 8/Folder 29

DuPont Connection

Box 8/Folder 30

Audits—GM (TFE)

Box 8/Folder 31

State Factory Earnings

Box 8/Folder 32

Michelin Ads Related

Box 8/Folder 33

Union—Govt. Employees Less Fire and Police

Box 8/Folder 34

Union Firemen/Police

Box 8/Folder 35

Contract Comparisons

Box 8/Folder 36

ILO (International Labor Organization)

Box 8/Folder 37

Union, Innovative Services

Box 8/Folder 38

Weird Contracts

Box 8/Folder 39

Detroit Plant Related

Box 8/Folder 40

Plastic Industry (Rubber Co.’s)

Box 8/Folder 41

Fort Wayne—Newsletter

Box 8/Folder 42

Fort Wayne By-Laws

Box 8/Folder 43

Fort Wayne

Box 8/Folders 44-45

Fort Wayne Plant

Box 8/Folder 46

Roth and Wehrly Realtors Materials

Box 8/Folder 47

Fort Wayne Tourism Materials

Box 8/Folder 48

Portal to Portal Pay Related

Box 8/Folder 49

Chemical Division

Box 8/Folder 50

McIntyre Library Records/History

Box 8/Folder 51

Strikes, Steel Industry

Box 8/Folder 52

Steel Industry Related

Box 8/Folder 53

Strikes, Sympathy

Box 8/Folder 54

Kohler Strike

Box 8/Folder 55

Auto Industry, Ford and Union

Box 8/Folder 56

Auto Industry, Schedule

Box 8/Folder 57

ECP—Job Post Related, and Misc.

Box 8/Folder 58 

History—Med. Related (Bills and Plans)

Box 8/Folder 59

Uni. Tuition Aid Program

Box 8/Folder 60

ECP—Competitors Actions

Box 8/Folder 61

 UNI Washington Clothing Plant

Box 8/Folder 62

Cons—Naugatuck (UNI)

Box 8/Folder 63

Concessions—Other URW

Box 8/Folder 64

ECP—Portal to Portal Pay

Box 8/Folder 65

ECP—Elec. Power Fails and Problems

Box 8/Folder 66

ECP—Warehousing Equipment Pre-Ordnance

Box 8/Folder 67

ECP—Sole Collective Unit Related

Box 8/Folder 68

ECP—Stew/Chain (?) Rules

Box 8/Folder 69

Tire Purchas Prog. “(?)”

Box 8/Folder 70

Mohawk Tire Co.

Box 8/Folder 71

Mansfield Tire Co.

Box 8/Folder 72

CIO Band and Local 19

Box 8/Folder 73

Early Signs of Power

Box 8/Folder 74

Chippewa Valley Museum

Box 8/Folder 75

La Crosse Local URW 14

Box 8/Folder 76

Goodyear 1936 Strike

Box 8/Folder 77

Plant Closures, Firestone

Box 8/Folder 78

Plant Closures, Goodyear

Box 8/Folder 79

Plant Closures, BFG

Box 8/Folder 80

PC, Threats to Other Plant.

Box 8/Folder 81

Tires, Competitors Related

Box 8/Folder 82

Medical Cost of Company

Box 8/Folder 83

Newspapers influence

Box 8/Folder 84

Sumitomo-Dunlop Tire

Box 8/Folder 85

Big O—Buy American

Box 8/Folder 86

Mich—Capacity or Lack Of 

Box 8/Folder 87

Auto Industry Imports Related

Box 8/Folder 88

Mich Plant Close, Non N.A.

Box 8/Folder 89

New Members Induct.

Box 8/Folder 90

Medical Cost Comparisons

Box 8/Folder 91

Mich—Learning French

Box 8/Folder 92

Idea Plan Related

Box 8/Folder 93

URW Headquarters Related

Box 8/Folder 94

Innovations Related (also Asbestos, Blue Card Advertisement, State, County City Use of Plant, Union Affairs)

Box 8/Folder 95

Amer. Income Life Insurance

Box 8/Folder 96

Parliamentary Procedure

Box 8/Folder 97


Box 8/Folder 98

Wis. Workers’ Alliance WWA

Box 8/Folder 99

Policy Com. Members Related

Box 8/Folder 100

Newsletters, Other Locals

Box 8/Folder 101

Pensions, Neg’s for Retirees

Box 8/Folder 102 

Seiberling Tire Comp.

Box 8/Folder 103

ICEF Wage-Working Conditions

Box 8/Folder 104

ICEF Related

Box 8/Folder 105

Org’g Com. Minutes

Box 8/Folder 106

CIO—Minn Convention (1940) 3rd

Box 8/Folder 107

Contracts, Old Eau Claire (?)

Box 8/Folder 108

URW—Obligation Oaths Related

Box 8/Folder 109

Schools and Training Related

Box 8/Folder 110

Sup. Negs.—Other Locals

Box 8/Folder 111

Contract Neg’s.

Box 8/Folder 112

ECP-UGTC Life Ins. Related

Box 8/Folder 113

ECP—Union Cooperation

Box 8/Folder 114

ECP—Mold Shop and Curing Effs.

Box 8/Folder 115

ECP—Coveralls Related

Box 8/Folder 116

ECP—STRES Related and Test

Box 8/Folder 117

Kiwanis Club Mems. 

Box 8/Folder 118

ECP—Emergency Break Downs

Box 8/Folder 119

ECP—Employees Rating on Each Other

Box 8/Folder 120

The Companies

Box 8/Folder 121

Concessions, General Tire

Box 8/Folder 122

ECP—Bereavement Pay Related

Box 8/Folder 123

ECP—Entertainment Com.

Box 8/Folder 124

ECP—P&I Early Year Programs

Box 8/Folder 125

ECP—McIntyre Library

Box 8/Folder 126

Neg’ing in Newspapers

Box 8/Folder 127

Fishing Related

Box 8/Folder 128

Visits to Other Plants

Box 8/Folder 129

ECP—Benefit Comparisons

Box 8/Folder 130

ECP—Union Labels Related

Box 8/Folder 131

ECP—Supervisors Training

Box 8/Folder 132

Supplemental Contract Negotiations

Box 8/Folder 133

Sup. Neg’s (1940)

Box 8/Folder 134

Contract Files

Box 8/Folder 135

Sup. Neg’s (1919)

Box 8/Folder 136

1936 Strike

Box 8/Folder 137

Sup. Neg’s (1937)

Box 8/Folder 138

Sup. Negs 1st  Contract (1938)

Box 8/Folder 139 

Sup Neg’s (1939)

Box 8/Folder 140

Chap. 70—C Woman Workers, 1950s

Box 8/Folder 141

Chap. 70—B Woman Workers, 1940s

Box 8/Folder 142

Other Potential Products

Box 8/Folder 143

Women and Discrimination

Box 8/Folder 144

Des Moines War Plant

Box 8/Folder 145

Women (?) 1918-1939

Box 8/Folder 146

Women in Workplace, 1940s

Box 8/Folder 147

EC Plant Women in Workplace, 1940s

Box 9/Folder 1

War Related Stuff

Box 9/Folders 2-4


Box 9/Folder 5

War, Union Effort—Involve (?)

Box 9/Folders 6-7

War Board

Box 9/Folders 8-9

War—Union Effort, Involvement, Strikes

Box 9/Folder 10

Org’g—Mont. Wards War

Box 9/Folders 11-14


Box 9/Folder 15

Chippewa Falls Tire Plants

Box 9/Folder 16

Stare History Write-Up

Box 9/Folder 17

B Div. Birthdays

Box 9/Folder 18

ECP—Medical Plans Misc.

Box 9/Folder 19

Medical Related

Box 9/Folder 20

EC Plant, Retiree Cost Related

Box 9/Folder 21

8 Hour Work Day, 40 Hour Week

Box 9/Folder 22

Work Week Related

Box 9/Folder 23

Shift Work Related

Box 9/Folder 24

ECP—Extended Breaks Related

Box 9/Folder 25

Quits and Discharges Lists

Box 9/Folder 26

ECP—Purchasing Foreign Equipment

Box 9/Folder 27

ECP—Salaries (Non-Union)

Box 9/Folder 28

Wage vs. Salary Ratio

Box 9/Folder 29

ECP—Employees’ Salesroom

Box 9/Folder 30

ECP—Scrap Metal Sales

Box 9/Folder 31

EC Plant, Rules/Procedures and Standard Practices

Box 9/Folder 32

ECP—Start Up Time

Box 9/Folder 33


Box 9/Folder 34

ECP—Bonus/Suggestion Award Related

Box 9/Folder 35

Synthetic Rubber Related

Box 9/Folder 36

Tire Disposal Related (Industry)

Box 9/Folder 37

Plant Comparisons: Plant vs. Plant

Box 9/Folder 38

Plant Comparisons (1988)

Box 9/Folder 39

Plant Comparisons

Box 9/Folder 40

ECP—Wage Comp. in EC Area

Box 9/Folder 41

EC Plant, Wages—Plant and Comp. Related

Box 9/Folder 42

Wage vs. Salary Ratios

Box 9/Folder 43

Benefit Cuts/Takeaways

Box 9/Folder 44


Box 9/Folder 45

Bad Attitude Towards Unions

Box 9/Folder 46

ECP—Cont. Ops to End Shift (Not Swing Shift)

Box 9/Folder 47

Work Rules Related

Box 9/Folder 48

Work Rules

Box 9/Folder 49

Eau Claire City/County Population Related

Box 9/Folder 50

Company Owned/Operated Store

Box 9/Folder 51

EC Plant., Mgmt. Union Related

Box 9/Folder 52

Consolidation of Tire Comps.

Box 9/Folder 53

Tire Imports—General Info

Box 9/Folder 54

EC Plant, Equal Opportunity

Box 9/Folder 55

ECP—Tour Itinerary

Box 9/Folder 56

Wages—Rubber Industry

Box 9/Folder 57

ECP—Wages and Average Hourly Earnings

Box 9/Folder 58

Average Wages Related

Box 9/Folder 59

ECP—Production Forecast

Box 9/Folder 60

Payment and Pay Issues

Box 9/Folder 61

ECP—One Day in 78 Law Related

Box 9/Folder 62

ECP—Reemployment Inducements

Box 9/Folder 63

ECP—Employees Out of EC Area

Box 9/Folder 64

ECP—Post Cards Related

Box 9/Folder 65

ECP—Standards (Fred Taylor)

Box 9/Folder 66

Wages, EC, Wis., Fed (Early Years)

Box 9/Folder 67

Bridgestone/Firestone Related

Box 9/Folder 68

Market Share, GM Tires

Box 9/Folder 69

Tire Industry History

Box 9/Folder 70

100 Years of the Pneumatic Tire Industry

Box 9/Folder 71

Inflation and Wages Related

Box 9/Folder 72


Box 9/Folder 73

Labor Force Related (Blue and White Collar)

Box 9/Folder 74

Mich.—Newsletters, Articles, etc.

Box 9/Folder 75

Unions/American Made Related

Box 9/Folder 76

Tire Market Forecast and Performance

Box 9/Folder 77

Market Share—UNI/UGTC

Box 9/Folder 78

Presto—1966 on Up

Box 9/Folder 79

Presto Strike (1958)

Box 9/Folder 80

Presto (1951 Strike)

Box 9/Folders 81-85

Concessions, 1975

Box 9/Folder 86

Conees(?), Sup.

Box 9/Folder 87

Cont. Ops, 1977

Box 9/Folder 88

Cont. Ops, Dec. 19-30, 1976

Box 9/Folder 89

Cont. Ops, 1976—Nov.

Box 9/Folder 90

Cont. Ops, 1976—Dec. 1-18

Box 9/Folder 91

Tires – History of an Evolution (Misc.)

Box 10/Folder 1

Plant vs. Plant Add-ins

Box 10/Folder 2

1990s Before Closure (motive?)

Box 10/Folder 3

1963 Concessions

Box 10/Folder 4

Add to 1960s

Box 10/Folder 5

Add to 1970s

Box 10/Folder 6

1980 Add-Ins

Box 10/Folder 7


Box 10/Folder 8

Ordnance Operations

Box 10/Folder 9

Concessions, Local 1975

Box 10/Folder 10

Add to Monopoly

Box 10/Folder 11

History Add-Ins

Box 10/Folder 12

Reconversion Add-Ins

Box 10/Folder 13


Box 10/Folder 14

Carl Icahn

Box 10/Folder 15

War Rationing

Box 10/Folder 16

C&D Buyout and Misc.

Box 10/Folder 17

Michelin Buy Out

Box 10/Folder 18

Chap. 54: Joint Venture

Box 10/Folder 19

Chap. 56: Plant vs. Plant

Box 10/Folder 20

Joint Venture (Do-Over)

Box 10/Folder 21

Chapter 55

Box 10/Folder 22


Box 10/Folder 23

1967 Uniroyal Stockholders Report

Box 10/Folder 24


Box 10/Folder 25

1940s Reconversion

Box 10/Folder 26

Plant War Involvement

Box 10/Folder 27

Misc. Plant History Pictures

Box 10/Folder 28

Chapter 23 Draft

Box 10/Folder 29


Box 10/Folder 30


Box 10/Folder 31

Hutchens Families

Box 10/Folder 32

Gear Shift Co.

Box 10/Folder 33

Chapter 22 Draft

Box 10/Folder 34


Box 10/Folder 35

Mar. 88-Dec. 89

Box 10/Folder 36


Box 10/Folder 37


Box 10/Folder 38

Chapter 54: The New COD (?) UGTC

Box 10/Folder 39

Chapter 53: Icahn

Box 10/Folder 40

Chapter 52

Box 10/Folder 41

Chapter 48

Box 10/Folder 42

Chapter 51

Box 10/Folder 43

Chapter 50

Box 10/Folder 44

Chapter 49

Box 10/Folders 45-46

Plant Closure, 1991-1992

Box 10/Folder 47

Hotel Eau Claire

Box 10/Folder 48

Tires, Early Michelin; Pre 1930

Box 10/Folder 49

Chapter 21 Reworked

Box 10/Folder 50

Plant vs. Plant Add-Ins

Box 10/Folder 51

Boone Tire Co., Chippewa

Box 10/Folder 52

Possible Buyers of UGTC

Box 10/Folder 53

Corporate Officers (Pres., CEO’s, etc.)

Box 10/Folder 54

U.S. Rubber Mgmt. Related

Box 10/Folder 55

Corporate Visits

Box 10/Folder 56

ECP—Other Inventors Ideas

Box 10/Folder 57

Military Related

Box 10/Folder 58

Needs Money (Chap. 3)

Box 10/Folder 59

Idea and Players (Chap. 2)

Box 10/Folder 60

Gillette’s Early Years (Chap. 1)

Box 10/Folder 61

Gillette Family and Misc.

Box 10/Folder 62

Other Early Industries (Eau Claire)

Box 10/Folder 63

New Comp. Advantages

Box 10/Folder 64

Gillette Farm Related

Box 10/Folder 65

Acquisitions, Textiles

Box 10/Folder 66

Hot Line Messages

Box 10/Folder 67

History, 2000s

Box 10/Folder 68

Mich.—Reorganization of Comp. and UGTC’s Role

Box 10/Folder 69


Box 10/Folder 70

US Rubber to Uniroyal

Box 10/Folder 71

USR and Uniroyal History

Box 10/Folder 72

Tire Industry History

Box 10/Folder 73

Rubber Industry History

Box 10/Folder 74

Eclipse of US Tire Industry

Box 10/Folder 75

Tire Industry—N. America (History)

Box 10/Folder 76

100 Years of the Pneumatic Tire Industry 

Box 10/Folder 77

Retiree to Active Pension

Box 10/Folder 78

Pensions Related Misc.

Box 10/Folder 79

PPS Problems!

Box 10/Folders 80-81

Plant vs. Plant

Box 10/Folder 82

Spying By Companies

Box 10/Folder 83

Comp. News, Letters, Misc.

Box 10/Folder 84

 Company Meetings Related

Box 10/Folder 85

LOA’s—School Leaves

Box 10/Folder 86

Union Sabotage

Box 10/Folder 87

American Disability Act

Box 10/Folder 88

Job Write Ups

Box 10/Folder 89

Info on Truck Driving

Box 10/Folder 90

Global Tire Industry

Box 10/Folder 91

Misc. Info

Box 10/Folders 92-98

Capital Investment

Box 10/Folder 99

Operating Costs

Box 10/Folder 100

ECP—Inspections By Gov’t, Insurance Cost, etc.

Box 10/Folder 101

ECP—Communication Systems

Box 10/Folder 102

Michelin, Financial States and Profit/Loss Related

Box 10/Folder 103

Michelin, Support From French Gov’t

Box 10/Folder 104

Michelin, Secrecy Related

Box 10/Folder 105

Uniroyal Golf Ball Bus.

Box 10/Folder 106

ECP—Deer Hunting Related

Box 10/Folder 107

ECP—Company Cars Related

Box 10/Folder 108


Box 10/Folder 109

Michelin—Teaching French

Box 10/Folder 110

UNI: Board of Directors, Officers, Wages, Benefits, Contracts

Box 10/Folder 111

Uniroyal Tube—Industry Rubber

Box 10/Folder 112

Strike, URW Affecting No Strike Pledge

Box 10/Folder 113

AFL-CIO Munitions 

Box 10/Folder 114

Uniroyal—Shop and AR Cost

Box 10/Folder 115

Tire Testing

Box 10/Folder 116

BF Goodrich

Box 10/Folder 117

UGTC Cash Flow Related

Box 10/Folder 118

Akron Tire Industry Emp. Levels

Box 10/Folder 119

Cost Per Unit (Per Tire)

Box 10/Folder 120

Ghosn, Carlos Related (Michelin)

Box 10/Folder 121

Strikes, Misc. Info

Box 10/Folder 122

ECP—Maint. Mgmt. Related

Box 10/Folder 123

ECP—Holidays Related 

Box 10/Folder 124

ECP—Management for Proms. Consulted (?)

Box 10/Folder 125

Labor Cost Disadvantage

Box 10/Folder 126

Job Write Ups

Box 10/Folder 127

ECP—Maint. Divers. and Jobs

Box 10/Folder 128


Box 10/Folder 129

ECP—Conveyors Related

Box 10/Folder 130

1916 Prices and Events

Box 10/Folder 131

Korean War Material Shortages

Box 10/Folder 132

ECP—Korean War Concerns

Box 10/Folder 133

Cement Removal Photographs

Box 11/Folder 1

Schedule Related

Box 11/Folder 2

Schedule to Performance, E.C.

Box 11/Folder 3

Plant Schedule

Box 11/Folder 4

EC Plant, Productivity Related

Box 11/Folder 5

ECP—Seniority Issues

Box 11/Folder 6

Seniority A Division

Box 11/Folder 7

Seniority List B Division

Box 11/Folder 8

Seniority—B Division

Box 11/Folder 9

Senior Management

Box 11/Folder 10

Management Seniority & Birth Dates

Box 11/Folder 11


Box 11/Folder 12

Gillette’s Tire Sales And Salesmen

Box 11/Folder 13

ECP—History (1919 Material) Strike

Box 11/Folder 14

Gillette Plant Strike, 1919 (Reasons to Strike)

Box 11/Folder 15

Court Research

Box 11/Folder 16

Gillette Newspaper Notes (Benton Harbor, etc.)

Box 11/Folder 17

ECP—Juilliard vs. Comp.

Box 11/Folder 18

Employees Advertising, EC Products

Box 11/Folder 19

Ads—Special Promotions

Box 11/Folder 20

Just Tires From Ads (Cut-Outs)

Box 11/Folder 21

Tire Ads

Box 11/Folder 22

(Don’t Need) Ads

Box 11/Folder 23

Tire Ads 1916-2010

Box 11/Folders 24-25

Tire Ads

Box 11/Folder 26

Tire Ads, 1980s-1990s

Box 11/Folder 27

UGTC Advertisement

Box 11/Folder 28

Tire Ads 1970s

Box 11/Folders 29-30

Tire Ads 1960s

Box 11/Folder 31

Tire Ads 1950s

Box 11/Folder 32

Tire Ads 1940s

Box 11/Folder 33

Tire Ads 1930s

Box 11/Folder 34

Tire Ads 1929

Box 11/Folder 35

Tire Ads 1920s

Box 11/Folder 36

Tire Ads 1918-1919

Box 11/Folder 37

Tire Ads 1916-1920

Box 11/Folder 38

Tire Ads 1918 and 1920, USR

Box 11/Folder 39

Gavin’s Lawsuit vs. Gillette

Box 11/Folder 40

1927 Pictures (Poor Quality) * Loose Clippings (22 Total)x

Box 11/Folder 41

Stockholders vs. Hermann (Lawsuits)

Box 11/Folder 42

Misc. Lawsuits vs. Gillette, US Rubber, Uniroyal, Etc.

Box 11/Folder 43

Multiple Histories

Box 11/Folder 44

Chippewa Tire Plant (Boone)

Box 11/Folder 45

Gillette Raincoat

Box 11/Folder 46

History Done Stuff

Box 11/Folder 47

History 1900s-1919

Box 11/Folder 48

History Done Stuff

Box 11/Folder 49

Chippewa Rubber Co., EC

Box 11/Folder 50

Gear Shift Factory

Box 11/Folder 51

Lauritz Laursen’s Process

Box 11/Folder 52

1917 Tire Info, All 1917 Plants, and Info, Auto Regulations.

Box 11/Folder 53

The Promoter

Box 11/Folder 54

Hutchens, Edward

Box 11/Folder 55

ECP—Hutchens, Howard

Box 11/Folder 56

Hutchens, Ralph

Box 11/Folder 57

EC Plant, Fires 8/17/25

Box 11/Folder 58

O’Brien vs. Laursen

Box 11/Folder 59

Gillette vs. Hermann

Box 11/Folder 60

J. H. MacLeod 4/2/97

Box 11/Folder 61

Laursen Process Rough Draft

Box 11/Folders 62-63

Laursen-O’Brien Court Notes

Box 11/Folder 64

Lowe, Henry vs. Laursen

Box 11/Folder 65

Don’t Need Anymore History!!

Box 11/Folder 66

Laursen’s Curing Process

Box 11/Folder 67

Benton Harbor Gillette 1898-1902

Box 11/Folder 68

Benton Harbor Gillette 1903-1911

Box 11/Folder 69

Michigan Maps

Box 11/Folder 70

Benton Harbor Library

Box 11/Folder 71

History Palladium Rough Stuff

Box 11/Folder 72

Hotel Eau Claire

Box 11/Folder 73

EC Plant Service Station

Box  1/Folder 74


Box 11/Folder 75

ECP—London Guarantee and Accident Co. vs. Company

Box 11/Folder 76

Officers and Directors

Box 12/Loose in front

Various Newsletters, Newspaper Bits, Etc.

Box 12/Folder 1

The Horn (1940s)

Box 12/Folder 2

The Horn (Extras)

Box 12/Folder 3

The Horn (1953)

Box 12/Folder 4

Publications, Misc.

Box 12/Folder 5

News and Views

Box 12/Folder 6

Uniroyal-Goodrich UGTC News

Box 12/Folder 7


Box 12/Folder 8


Box 12/Folder 9

Joint Venture News Extras

Box 12/Folder 10

Michelin Retirees

Box 12/Folder 11

Eau Claire Monthly

Box 12/Folder 12

The Horn (1944-45, 1953)

Box 12/Folder 13

News and Views, 1977-1981

Box 12/Folder 14

News and Views, 1965-1977

Box 12/Folder 15


Box 12/Folder 16

Uniroyal News

Box 12/Folder 17

Uniroyal News 81-86

Box 12/Folders 17-18


Box 12/Folder 19

URW Reporter

Box 12/Folder 20

Eau Claire Monthly

Box 12/Folder 21

US Badger

Box 12/Folder 22

Uniroyal Tire Today

Box 12/Folder 23


Box 12/Folder 24

From Where I Sit

Box 12/Folder 25

Uniroyal World

Box 12/Folder 26

On Track

Box 12/Folder 27

Inside Lane

Box 12/Folder 28

Uniroyal World

Box 12/Folder 29

US Magazine

Box 12/Folder 30

Joint Venture News

Box 12/Folder 31

Bear Safety Facts

Box 12/Folder 32

The Voice Spares (Articles Already Culled)

Box 12/Folder 33

The Voice (All Issues)

Box 12/Folder 34-35

Misc. Newspapers and Papers

Box 12/Folder 36

BF Goodrich

Box 12/Folder 37

UGTC Cash Flow Related

Box 12/Folder 38

Akron Tire and Employment Levels

Box 12/Folder 39

Cost Per Unit (Per Tire)

Box 12/Folder 40

Ghosn , Carlos Resigns Michelin

Box 12/Folder 41

Strikes, Misc. Information

Box 12/Folder 42

ECP – Maintenance Mgmt. Related

Box 12/ Folder 43

ECP – Holidays Related

Box 12/Folder 44

ECP – Management For Promotions Considered

Box 12/Folder 45

ECP – Labor Cost

Box 12/Folder 46

Job Write Ups

Box 12/Folder 47

ECP – Maintenance Duties and Jobs

Box 12/Folder 48


Box 12/Folder 49

ECP – Conveyors Related

Box 12/Folder 50

1916 Prices and Events

Box 12/Folder 51

Korean War Material Shortages

Box 12/Folder 52

ECP – Korean War Employees

Box 12/Folder 53

Cement Removal Photographs

Box 12/Folder 54

ECP – Clayton Publisher

Box 13/Folder 1

Women Workers, 1918-1939

Box 13/Folder 2

Women Workers, 1980s

Box 13/Folder 3

Women Workers, 1970s

Box 13/Folder 4

ECP—Women At Work, 1960s

Box 13/Folders 5-6

Women Workers, 1950s

Box 13/Folders 7-8

Women Workers, 1940s

Box 13/Folder 9

PC, USR/UNI/UGTC Plant Closures (Except EC)

Box 13/Folder 10

Plant Close, BFG—Miami, Oklahoma

Box 13/Folder 11

Don’t Add to Tire Company’s

Box 13/Folder 12

Stock Certificates

Box 13/Folder 13

Property of UGTC

Box 13/Folder 14


Box 13/Folder 15

Harry Christian

Box 13/Folder 16

Tire Grading

Box 13/Folder 17

Customers (See Quality)

Box 13/Folder 18

Tire Failures/Lawsuits

Box 13/Folder 19


Box 13/Folder 20

Quality—Test Wheel

Box 13/Folder 21

Recalled Tires

Box 13/Folder 22

Quality—Audits, Awards

Box 13/Folder 23

Quality Issues

Box 13/Folder 24

Quality, General

Box 13/Folder 25

Quality Issues

Box 13/Folder 26

Quality, General

Box 13/Folder 27

Quality, General Issues

Box 13/Folder 28


Box 13/Folder 29

Recalled Tires, All Companies

Box 13/Folder 30

Recalled Tires-G.Y. 2000

Box 13/Folder 31

Recalled Tires, None UGTC

Box 13/Folder 32

Recalled Tires (FS/BS) Non-UGTC

Box 13/Folder 33

Customer Complaints

Box 13/Folder 34

Recalled Tires, BS/FS 2000 (Non UGTC)

Box 13/Folder 35

Uniroyal Satisfied Customers

Box 13/Folder 36

Atlas Non-Quality Issues and Quality

Box 13/Folder 37

Lawsuits, USR and UGTC

Box 13/Folder 38

Recalled Tires—BS/FS 2003 (Non UGTC)

Box 13/Folder 39

Recalled Tires—FS 500

Box 13/Folder 40

SPC, Circles

Box 13/Folder 41

ECP—Complexity Issues

Box 13/Folder 42

ECP—Defective Tire Reports, Rejects, Repairs

Box 13/Folder 43

Market Share, GM, Etc.

Box 13/Folder 44

Others Interested In UGTC

Box 13/Folder 45


Box 13/Folder 46

Benefit Costs, UGTC

Box 13/Folder 47

Chapter 69

Box 13/Folder 48


Box 13/Folder 49

EC Plant, Customers, Others, and Misc.

Box 13/Folder 50

Montgomery Ward Bus.

Box 13/Folder 51

Western Auto

Box 13/Folder 52

Chapter 67

Box 13/Folder 53

Chapter 68

Box 13/Folder 54

Zenith Tire

Box 13/Folder 55

Stock Appreciation, C&D Buyout Add-Ins

Box 13/Folder 56

Footwear Business

Box 13/Folder 57

Local 19—Working At Other Plants

Box 13/Folder 58

Chapter 61

Box 13/Folder 59

Chapter 64/65: Life Of Uncertainty

Box 13/Folder 60

Chapter 66: Professional Hiring

Box 13/Folder 61

Chapter 67

Box 13/Folder 62

Chapter 65: June ’92, UGTC After Closure

Box 13/Folder 63

Chapter 63

Box 13/Folders 64-65

Local 19 – 1 988 Concessions

Box 13/Folder 66

1988-90 Chapter 58

Box 13/Folder 67

Local 1988 Concessions

Box 13/Folders 68-70

Cost Saving Times For 88 Local Concessions

Box 13/Folder 71

Chapter 59-B

Box 13/Folder 72

Chapter 59: Profit Sharing

Box 13/Folder 73

Chapter 60: Gain Sharing

Box 13/Folder 74


Box 13/Folder 75

Michelin Buyout

Box 13/Folder 76

Chapter 60

Box 13/Folder 77


Box 13/Folder 78

Support, Information, Letters (Michelin Buyout)

Box 13/Folder 79

Chapter 57-C

Box 13/Folder 80

Michelin Buyout Support Letters

Box 13/Folder 81

Michelin Buyout

Box 13/Folder 82

1988 Contracts

Box 13/Folder 83

Master Negotiations and Merger Contracts 1988

Box 14/Folder 1

Gillette Family Portraits

Box 14/Folder 2

Misc. Photographs

Box 14/Folders 3-4


Box 14/Folder 5


Box 14/Folder 6

Cards and Greetings

Box 14/Folder 7

Gillette Farms—Bull Certificate Of Registry (1933)

Box 14/Folder 8

Stereoscope Images, 1939

Box 14/Folder 9

US Rubber Company Retirement Certificates

Box 14/Folder 10

Army Service Forces Certificate Of Commendation, 1945

Box 14/Folder 11


Box 14/Folder 12

From Where I Sit (Spalter)

Box 14/Folder 13

Joint Venture News

Box 14/Folder 14

Uniroyal News

Box 14/Folder 15

UGTC News and Views

Box 14/Folder 16

United Steelworkers of America Conference On Air Pollution, 1969

Box 14/Folder 17

URW Skilled Trades Manual, 1977 and 1982

Box 14/Folder 18

Manual For URW Shop Stewards, 1971

Box 14/Folder 19

URW Skilled Trades Department Booklets, ca. 1979

Box 14/Folder 20

URW Rules of Order Parliamentary Procedure Workbook

Box 14/Folder 21

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Resolutions, 1984

Box 14/Folder 22

USR Employee Manual—Gillette Tire, Eau Claire

Box 14/Folder 23

Uniroyal Idea Plan Program, Eau Claire Plant, 1980

Box 14/Folder 24

Uniroyal Health Protection Plan, Eau Claire Plant, 1988

Box 14/Folder 25

Proceedings of the 7th National Conference on Labor Legislation, 1940

Box 14/Folder 26

Making Unions Unnecessary by Charles L. Hughes

Box 14/Folder 27

U.S. Department of Labor Serials, 1941

Box 14/Folder 28

AFL-CIO Report to the Presidential Committee on the Cost of Living, 1944

Box 14/Folder 29

URW Meeting Manual—“Let’s Hold a Good Union Meeting”

Box 14/Folder 30

Welding Plug and Electrical Panel Locations Booklet for EC Plant

Box 14/Folder 31

Senate Resolution 266: Violations of Free Speech and Rights of Labor—Part 33: Republic Steel Corporation (1938)

Box 14/Folder 32

Senate Resolution 266: Violations of Free Speech and Rights of Labor—Part I: Supplementary Hearings, National Farm Labor Problem (1940)

Box 14/Folder 33

Senate Resolution 266: Violations of Free Speech and Rights of Labor—Part IV: The “Little Steel” Strike and Citizen Committees (1941)

Box 14/Folder 34

Bargaining for the Union (URW Booklet)

Box 14/Folder 35

URWA-CIO Booklets, ca. 1940s

Box 14/Folder 36

Thalco Union “Bible” Training Booklets, 1964-65

Box 14/Folder 37

Eau Claire Gillette Rubber Employees Association Regulations and By-Laws, ca. 1940s-1954

Box 14/Folder 38

URW Local 19 (Eau Claire) By-Laws, 1946-1989

Box 14/Folder 39

Eau Claire U.S. Rubber (Uniroyal) Wage Employee Agreements, 1941-1957

Box 14/Folder 40

Eau Claire U.S. Rubber (Uniroyal) wage Employee Agreements, 1957-70

Box 14/Folder 41

Eau Claire Uniroyal Wage Employee Agreements, 1970-1988

Box 14/Folder 42

Eau Claire Uniroyal Uniform Agreements, 1988 and 1991

Box 14/Folder 43

BF Goodrich Uniform Agreement, Local 753 (Opelika, Alabama), 2006

Box 14/Folder 44

Eau Claire U.S. Rubber local 19 Office Employee Agreements, 1948-1970

Box 14/Folder 45

Eau Claire Uniroyal Local 19 Office Employee Agreements, 1970-1988

Box 15/Folder 1

Contracts, US Rubber/Uniroyal/UGTC Locals Outside of Eau Claire, 1938-1976

Box 15/Folder 2

Contracts, US Rubber/Uniroyal/UGTC Locals Outside of Eau Claire, 1976-1989

Box 15/Folder 3

Uniroyal Goodrich Savings Plan for URW Represented Employees, 1979 and 1990

Box 15/Folder 4

US Rubber/Uniroyal/UGTC Pension, Insurance, and Severance Pay Agreements, 1950-1979

Box 15/Folder 5

Uniroyal Pension, Insurance, Severance Pay, and Supplemental Unemployment Benefits, 1970-1976

Box 15/Folder 6

Uniroyal/URW Pension and Insurance Agreements, 1985-1991

Box 15/Folder 7

Uniroyal Health Benefits, 1970

Box 15/Folder 8

Michelin Pension and Insurance Agreement, 2003

Box 15/Folder 9

Uniroyal, BF Goodrich Supplemental Unemployment Agreements, 1976-2006

Box 15/Folder 10

Workmen’s Compensation Booklets, 1943-1986

Box 15/Folder 11

URW Constitutions, 1935-1947

Box 15/Folder 12

URW Constitutions, 1958-1972

Box 15/Folder 13

URW Constitutions, 1978-1990

Box 15/Folder 14

USW Constitutions, 1996 and 2002

Box 15/Folder 15

Miscellaneous URW Agreements, ca. 1941-1979

Box 15/Folder 16

Miscellaneous Union Agreements, 1939-1982

Box 15/Folder 17

Uniroyal Goodrich Local Letters and Memoranda (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 1991

Box 15/Folder 18

Miscellaneous Union Constitutions, ca. 1930s-1940s, 1983

Box 15/Folder 19

Miscellaneous Booklets, ca. 1940s-1970s

Box 16/Folder 1

Miscellaneous Union Buttons – Copass, Tucker, Bommarito, Coss (5)

Box 16/Folder 2

Miscellaneous Badges, Stickers, and Pins – Springer, Stone, Pete and Mike (6)

Box 16/Folder 3

Miscellaneous Keychains, and Pins (5)

Box 16/Folder 4

Miscellaneous Buttons (15)

Box 16/ Folder 5

Miscellaneous Buttons (13)

Box 16/Folder 6

Miscellaneous Buttons (9)

Box 16/Folder 7

Miscellaneous Buttons (6)

Box 16/Folder 8

Miscellaneous Buttons – Zais, Stanley, Bommarito (4)

Box 16/ Folder 9

Miscellaneous Pins – Zais (6)