(Legacy) Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Standard Toolbar Buttons

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This article is based on legacy software.

The following document will familiarize you with features of the FrontPage Standard toolbar that are unique to FrontPage.


ButtonNameFunctionblank pageBlank PageContains a pull-down list allowing you to create a new page, site, folder, document library, list, survey, or task.openOpenOpens a file or site.publish sitePublish SitePublishes your site on the web.toggle paneToggle PaneDisplays the Folder list. If clicked again, it will be hidden.preview in browserPreview in BrowserDisplays a preview of your page in the default browser.web componentWeb ComponentInserts web components such as hover buttons and hit counters.insert tableInsert TableInserts a table.insert layerInsert LayerInserts a layer.insert picture from fileInsert Picture From FileInserts a picture from a selected file.drawingDrawingDisplays the Drawing toolbar.insert hyperlinkInsert HyperlinkCreates a hyperlink.refreshRefreshRefreshes the open web page.stopStopStops a command while it is processing.show allShow AllDisplays each line and paragraph break made on a page.show layer anchorsShow Layer AnchorsDisplays layer anchors.microsoft office frontpage helpMicrosoft Office FrontPage HelpOpens the Microsoft Office FrontPage Help.