(Legacy) Microsoft Office 2007: Office Drawing Toolbar

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This article is based on legacy software.

Using the Office drawing tools is an easy way to enhance any document. Whether you are inserting images or adding shapes and 3-D effects, the Office drawing tools make it easy for any user. This document gives instructions on how to access the Drawing toolbar and defines the toolbar options available in Office 2008.

Accessing the Drawing Toolbar

The View menu gives the option of viewing any toolbar for your particular needs.

  1. From the View menu, select Toolbars ยป Drawing.
    The Drawing toolbar appears. 
    drawing toolbar

Drawing Toolbar Options

Located along the left side of the screen is a set of tools on the Drawing toolbar. You can move the toolbar depending on your needs.

The following table shows the Drawing toolbar options and their uses:  

IconTool NameUseselect objectsSelect ObjectsSelect any object or placeholder.grid optionsGrid OptionsModify the grid options for the document.free rotateFree RotateRotate a selected shape.instant pictureInsert PictureInsert an image stored on a disk or drive.clip artClip ArtOpens the Clip Gallery program for you to select Clip Art.text boxText BoxCreate a text box.auto shapesAuto ShapesAccess a submenu of readymade shapes.linesLinesAccess a submenu of various lines.3D3-DAccess a submenu of 3-D effects for a selected shape.