(Legacy) Microsoft Office 2007: Using WordArt in Word

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Note: This article is based on legacy software.
You can use WordArt to make display text (e.g., the heading of your document) more eye-catching. WordArt can be resized, moved, and edited to fit your needs. Documentation is also available for Using Word Art in Excel and PowerPoint.
Creating WordArt
WordArt can be added to your document using a button on the Insert command tab.
  1. From the Insert command tab, in the Text group, click WORDART

    The WordArt Gallery dialog box appears.
  2. From the WordArt Gallery, select the desired style
    The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears.
  3. In the Text text box, type your text
  4. To format your text, from the Font or Size pull-down lists, make the desired selections
  5. To change the font style, click BOLD or ITALIC
  6. Click OK
    Your WordArt is placed in the document and the Format command tab appears.
    HINT: For a description of the options available, refer to Editing WordArt with the Format Command Tab.

Resizing WordArt

WARNING: Be careful when resizing text so that you do not distort the letters excessively, making them unreadable. Using corner handles does not automatically resize proportionally. To resize proportionally, use the corner handles and hold down [Shift].
  1. Select the WordArt
    Sizing handles appear on the text box area.
  2. Place the pointer over one of the sizing handles
    When the pointer changes to a two-directional arrow, you can move the pointer in any direction.
    HINT: To resize proportionally, hold down [Shift] while moving a corner handle or open box.
  3. Click and drag the border to the desired size
    A dotted outline appears indicating the new size.
  4. Release the mouse

Moving WordArt

If the WordArt you have created is in the wrong place, the image can be easily moved.
NOTE: In order to move the WordArt, the text wrapping must be set to something other than In Line with Text.
  1. Click the WordArt once to select it
  2. From the Format command tab, in the Arrange group, click TEXT WRAPPING
  3. From the Text Wrapping menu, select the desired style of text wrapping
    EXAMPLE: Select In Front of Text
  4. Place your pointer over a letter of your WordArt
  5. When the pointer turns into a four-directional arrow, click and drag the WordArt to the desired location
  6. Release the mouse

Editing WordArt

 You can easily change the spelling or wording of the WordArt you have created.
  1. Select the appropriate piece of WordArt by clicking it once
  2. From the Format command tab, in the Text group, click EDIT TEXT

    The Edit WordArt Text dialog box appears.
  3. Make the desired changes
  4. Click OK
    To edit the style of your WordArt, refer to Editing WordArt.