(Legacy) Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: Adjusting Objects: Resizing and Scaling

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Note: This article is based on legacy software.

After inserting an AutoShape or image into your slide, very precise modification to that object may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. For example, after entering text into an AutoShape, you may want to reshape that object without modifying the text.

Resizing AutoShapes to Fit Text

If you have an AutoShape containing text, you may desire automatic resizing whenever the text size changes. You can adjust the AutoShape size to fit the text inside. Then, if you reduce the size of your text, the AutoShape will automatically resize to fit around the text. For information, refer to Working with Text in Objects.

NOTE: You can only insert text into an AutoShape. PowerPoint does not give the Add Text option to images inserted into the presentation.

Scaling Objects

The Scale command allows you to enlarge or reduce an AutoShape or image by very precise amounts while retaining its original proportions.

  1. Select the object to be scaled
    NOTE: For more information, refer to Selecting Objects.

  2. From the Format menu, select the option according to the object selected
    For shapes, select AutoShape... 
    For images, select Picture... 
    The Format AutoShape or Format Picture dialog box appears, respectively.

  3. Select the Size tab
    format autoshape

  4. Under Scale, in the Height and Width text boxes, type the desired percentage of scaling 
    If you want to enlarge the object, type a number greater than 100.
    If you want to reduce the size of the object, type a number less than 100.

  5. To maintain the formatted height and width percentages whenever you resize the object, select Lock aspect ratio

  6. To find the percentage relative to the size of the original object, select Relative to original picture size

  7. To find the best size of your object compared to the slide, select Best scale for slide show

  8. To preview the changes, click PREVIEW

  9. To accept the changes, click OK 
    To go back to the original proportions, click RESET