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Sustainable Printing Project Page  |   Printer Exemption eForm

Notice:  UW-Eau Claire is currently in the beginning stages of implementing a sustainable printing project for all departments. Departments are advised to not buy more than 2-month’s stock of ink, toner, and paper at a time for any existing fax machine or printers that fit the criteria listed below.
At this time the purchase of any fax machines, or new ink jet or laser jet printers that are for paper up to 11” x 17” (tabloid), will require an approved printer exemption request eForm be on file before purchasing. Wide-format printers (larger than 11" x 17", photo quality or high-quality graphics, and other specialty printers, are already exempt from this project. However, purchase of these devices needs to be coordinated with LTS for inventory and support purposes.

The two types of exemptions that university or foundation funding can be used for are:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act / Medical
  • Valid Business Cases 

If you still wish to have a printer in your office that won't satisfy either of the exemption types above, you are still welcome to purchase a printer for your office, but it comes with the following conditions:
  • No university or foundation funds can be used to purchase the printer, supplies like ink and toner, or paper. You must personally pay for these items.
  • The only university technical support provided will be to assist with making sure the printer connects properly to your computer.
  • You still must fill out the printer exemption request eForm for a personal exemption so your printer can be properly inventoried in our system so we know not to remove it. For any printers that are found to not be properly inventoried, you'll be asked to complete the eForm.

For all printer purchase requests please send a message to ltsconulting@uwec.edu with as many of the details as you can and we will provide pricing information and work through the purchase process with you.

For any of those purchases that will fall subject to the non-exempt printer criteria listed above AND fit either of the exemption types listed above, also fill out the printer exemption request eForm.

Click here for more information about the FollowMe system for the sustainable printing project.
Questions about the sustainable printing project can be sent to Craig Ernst at ernstcs@uwec.edu.