Services: Test Scoring and Course Evaluations

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LTS provides test scoring services for optical exams and course evaluations. You can expect to have your exam results back within one business day. For example if you bring a test to LTS on Tuesday at 11, you can expect results by Wednesday at 11. We will strive for quicker turnaround times, but cannot guarantee any earlier turnaround times. For finals week, our turnaround time will be 4 hours. Use the instructions below to ensure timely results.

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NOTE: Please print out Test Scoring Request Forms on green paper.

Course Evaluation Request Form 

Test Scoring

Step 1: Give Exam

  1. Ensure student Blugold ID numbers are on exam papers because they are required for the software to process exams.
  2. Help students include the CORRECT section number on their exam paper.
  3. Keep exam papers dry and wrinkle free with NO staples, holes, or rips.

Step 2: Test Scoring

  1. Create a key sheet including the following:
    • Instructor name.
    • "KKey" in the last name field with bubbles completed.
  2. Pick up copies of the Test Scoring Request Form in LTS or print your own on green paper.
  3. Complete ALL sections of the form, including the following:
    • Year Term Code (e.g., 2233 for Spring of 2023).
    • Subject, Course #, and ALL Section numbers with each section number on a new line.
    • The number of questions.
  4. Separate tests by section number, if necessary. Refer to the Report Information section of the form for more information.
  5. Take the Test Scoring Request Form, key, and exams to LTS Help Desk in OL 1106. Exams and evaluations can be dropped off or picked up any time the Help Desk is open. Requests will be processed Monday through Friday, 7:45am to 4:30pm.


  • True/false and multiple choice are the only options available for automated scoring.
  • If you use multiple-response questions, you can select one of the correct choices and then manually score additional responses when the tests are returned. You can also throw out the question by erasing that answer from the key and subtracting it from the Enter Number of Questions section of the Test Scoring Request form.
  • Try online testing with CANVAS. There are many options for auto-graded questions including multiple-response, matching, and ordering. We can also help import questions in Word format into CANVAS. Contact Tiffany Lewis at 715-836-2700 or for more information or assistance.
  • If you are piloting the new test scoring software, Remark Cloud, the url is
  • Contact the LTS Help Desk at 836-5711 with any other questions.