25Live: Event Wizard

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Students, staff, and faculty can use the 25Live Event Form to book rooms on UWEC campus for events. 

To create an event:

  1. Navigate to the UWEC 25Live Pro website and sign in with your UWEC credentials.
  2. Along the top, Click the Event Form.

Click the Event Form

  1. Type in a name for your event in the Event Name box.
    NOTE: The Event Name is how the event will appear in searches.
  2. Select an event type from the dropdown.
    NOTE: Permissions will determine which Event Types you can choose from.
  3. Select a primary organization from the dropdown.

Select a primary organization

  1. Enter the Requested Room Capacity.
    NOTE: Choose the maximum number of seats you need. 
  2. Fill in the start/end date and times for the first occurrence of your event.
    If your event is recurring, you will specify recurring dates.
    If your event has multiple occurrences at different times, you will need to create separate events for each time. See the article on 
    Relating Events for instructions on this.

Fill in the start/end date

  1. Click on the Repeating Pattern button if your event repeats for more than one day and select the repeat pattern. Ad hoc meetings are random dates where this event repeats at the same start and end time.

Click on the Repeating Pattern

  1. (Optional) If your event requires set up and/or take down time, enter the time that will be needed.
  2. Search a location by name. If you do not have a specific room in mind, it might be easiest to search by preferred building under saved searches dropdown box. NOTE: Check the “Hide Locations with Conflicts” and/or “Enforce Headcount” to make sure that you are selecting a room that is the right size and truly available for your event. This will also increase load time for your Location search results.


The room search may take a moment to load. Type your search term, press [Enter], and wait for the list to load. 


  • Unavailable means the location is not available. Conflict Details on far-right box can show you details on why it is unavailable.

  • Select Available means the location is only available for some of the occurrences. Click on the Conflict Details to see which dates are unavailable and why.

  • Available means the location is available.

  • Details about the room and its features will appear from hovering over the room name under the “Name” tab.

  1. Select the contacts associated with the event by clicking the dropdown icon and searching the correct name.
    You are always the Scheduler, and this should fill in automatically.
    If you are a student organization member, the requestor is always your faculty advisor.
    If you are an ADA, the requestor is always the faculty member requesting the room.
    If you are any other staff member, the requestor can be yourself or anyone else you want cc’d on the event.
  2. Add any necessary comments and notes.
    Event comments can be seen by most users.
    Internal Notes can be seen only by people who are event contacts, such as the Requestor and Scheduler.

Comments and Notews

  1. Always select Tentative for the state of your event.
    NOTE: Your event has to be approved by scheduling services staff before it can be confirmed. 
  2. Click Save.
    NOTE: A Notification will show when the event has successfully saved.