25Live: Relating Events

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You only need to follow these instructions on relating events if you have an event that repeats irregularly. This means that the event repeats on different days, and at different times. Because you cannot plan such irregular repetitions in creating one event, you must create two (or more) separate events and link them together afterwards.

To relate events:

  1. Create all of the necessary events. See the Event Form article for instructions on how to create events.
  2. Access the details of one of the events. You can do this through a quick search of one of the events, by clicking the event if it appears in Recently Viewed tab, or by clicking the option to view the event details immediately after creating it.
  3. Once you are viewing the details of one of the events, click More Actions...
    click More Actions...

  1. Select Manage Related Events.
    Select Manage Related Events
  2. In the Manage Related Events window that appears, the current related event set will appear (there should be none at this point). Click Add Events to Set.
  3. Search the other event(s) by name.
  4. Select all of the events you would like to relate to the event.
  5. Click Add Selected.
    add selected events

    The events will now be shown to be in a related event set.
    related event set
  6. You can return to this screen to add or remove any events as you need to.