25Live: Room Search / Navigation

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To search for rooms on campus:

  1. Navigate to the UWEC 25Live Pro website.
  2. Sign in with your UWEC username and password.
  3. You can search room locations by using the Search Locations field under Quick Search. 
     Search Locations

          You can also click on "Go to Search" and then change the Object to "Locations."

  1. In the Quick Search , you can type in a building name or a specific room number. You can then browse the list of rooms that appears.
    NOTE: This list will include the name and location of each room, the room features and layout, and the max capacity.
     Quick Search
  2. To narrow the search, you can click More Options. You can enter filters to find rooms with specific features, layouts, or capacities.

    More Options

  1. You can also select the Availability tab. This shows the events that have already been scheduled for each room on the search list, and when they are open.
    NOTE: You can change the Date field to look at the schedule for a different day.
  2. Click Calendar to view the availability of one room for a week at a time.
    NOTE: You can change the Dates field to look at the schedule for a different week.
  3. In any view, you can click the Schedule an Event button to create an event in that room/time slot. schedule an event
  4. Click Save As to save your search.
    Saving Search Criteria will save the keywords and filters you used to produce the search.