Athena Images: Editing Image Properties

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  1. Add a useful name for the image. This will show in Athena systems’ search results and is for internal use only; the image name will not be displayed publicly.
    image name
  2. Add a descriptive alt text for the image. The alt text will be read to visitors using screen readers or other assistive technology, will be used by search engines as a ranking factor, and will be displayed in certain browsers when a user hovers over or long-taps the image.
    NOTE: Learn more Alt Text best practices here

    alt text
  3. Add an appropriate image title for your photo. This will be displayed publicly in certain use cases, so be sure it accurately reflects the intent of the image.
    image title
  4. (Optional) Add a caption for your photo. In certain places, this will show up within the context of the photo (formerly known as a cutline).
  5. Drag and drop any units you wish to attach the image into the Selected Items column; order does not matter here.
  6. Click on any keywords and categories you wish to attach to the image. Try searching to help narrow your options.
    keywords and captions
  7. Select the proper crop image tags and adjust crops as desired.
    NOTE: See 
    Athena Images: Cropping an Image for instructions.
  8. Click Update Image.
    update image