Athena Pages: Editing a Page: Faculty/Staff Profile List Row

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NOTE: If you do not see this option in the menu, you do not have permissions to this area. Contact the Help Desk if you think you should have access but do not.

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This article is for editing the Faculty/Staff Profile List row on a Page in the Pages app in Athena.

  1. Edit the Row Label as desired.
    NOTE: This label is for internal use only and will not display on the public website.Row Label
  2. Add profiles manually 
    There are two ways to curate your faculty/staff listing. 
    1. Faculty/Staff Profiles (Top of the List/Non-Alphabetical) This section allows you to customize your profile listing and add individual profiles in the order that you would like. 
      ​Faculty/Staff Profiles
      You can also use this option to feature certain employees at the top of the list (such as department leadership, employees from other units, etc.), and then use the "Faculty/Staff Profiles (Alphabetical)" option for the rest of your team. 

      Save Row
    2. Faculty/Staff Profiles (Alphabetical) This section allows you to display your profiles alphabetically. This list will automatically update every time an employee is added or removed from your unit. This is the preferred way to display your faculty/staff listing. 
      1. To begin, select the "Unit" you would like to display from the list. If individuals from a certain campus should be displayed, you may optionally select a campus. 
        Faculty/Staff Profiles (Alphabetical) NOTE: If you have previewed your changes and noticed that there are profiles missing from the list, it is possible that faculty/staff member does not have a profile created or their unit selected. Please reach out to Help Desk at for profile creation and/or for help adding units to profiles. 

        If you would like to add individual profiles that are not a part of the selected unit or for adding a specific profile to the top of the list, please use the "Top of the List/Non-Alphabetical" option above.
  3. Click Save Row.
    NOTE: At this step, your changes are saved to an unpublished draft of the page. Proceed to the next step to publish the reordered rows.