Athena Stories: Workflow Overview and Saving Your Work

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Workflow Overview

The workflow for adding and editing stories is broken down into the following four sections (tabs):

Saving Your Work

Besides clicking “Save and Publish”, “Save and Continue” or “Save and Quit” within the various tabs, a story can now save at several other times during its process.
NOTE: This is only for the content tab.  All other sections use the save buttons at the bottom of their tab.

  1. Locally (in your browser) – every time you press a button on the keyboard to change the content.  Requires local storage which all modern browsers support.  Good for if internet goes out, changes are still saved to browser.
  2. If you start typing, there is an internal timer for one minute.  Once that minute is up, the story saves to your current draft on the server.  If there is no draft currently, it will create a draft for you.
  3. If you leave the page by closing the browser (browser or tab), clicking the back arrow, or clicking the Go Back button at the bottom, it will attempt to save remotely on the server.