Athena Testimonials: Editing a Testimonial

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This article is used for editing the Info tab in the Testimonial app in Athena.

  1. Edit the Name of the person who gave the testimonial as desired.
    NOTE: Please add both first and last name of the person.
    Edit Testimonial Fields
  2. Edit the Major/Title
    NOTE: Enter either the major if the quotation is from a student or title if the quotation is from a faculty or staff member. To ensure you list the correct major name, please visit the majors and minors page. You can also double check faculty and staff titles in the directory
  3. Edit the Location
  4. Edit the Quote.
    NOTE: Please do not put quotation marks around the quote. Please double check your spelling and grammar. 
  5. Edit the Grad Year. This is the graduation year of the person who said the quote. If unknown, please leave blank.
    NOTE: This is for internal purposes only and does not show up on the front-end of the website. We would use this field to see how "old" a quote is and determine whether or not we may want to replace it with a more recent one.
  6. Click Save.