Athena Units: Editing a Unit: Info Tab

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NOTE: If you do not see this option in the menu, you do not have permissions to this area. Contact the Help Desk if you think you should have access but do not.

This article is used to Edit a Units Info Tab in the Units app in Athena.

  1. Edit the Phone as desired.
    NOTE: Use only UWEC office phone numbers.
    Info Tab
  2. Edit the Fax as desired.
  3. Edit the Email as desired.
    NOTE: Use only UWEC email addresses.
  4. Edit the Email Name as desired.
    NOTE: The actual display of the Email Name may vary based on the rules defined in the style guide for the given presentation layer.
  5. Edit the Event Feed URL as desired.
    NOTE: This is a legacy field. Use the Event Feed row instead.
  6. Select a Primary Location as desired.
    NOTE: This should be set to the main location the unit occupies. See Editing a Location for details on editing a location once it has been selected. If the desired location does not yet exist, contact the LTS Help Desk to request a new location be created.
  7. Donate / Give
    NOTE: This area is to only be edited by Admins in the Units System.
  8. Edit Donate URL
    NOTE: The Donate URL is the link associated to the "Give" buttons in the header and the footer of the units website. Leave blank to default to the main UWEC donate button.
  9. Select Show Give Tab
    NOTE: This determines if the "GIve" buttons show up or not. Defaulted to Yes.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Proceed to the About tab.

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