Athena Videos: Editing a Video

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NOTE: If you are looking to activate or deactivate an already created item click here.

This article is for editing a video within the Video app in Athena.

  1. Edit the Title as desired.
    NOTE: Athena will automatically import the video's title and description from the video streaming provider. Editing this field will override that data within Athena only.
    Edit the Title as desired
  2. Edit the Description.
    NOTE: A description can be added to add more detail about the video and its contents.
  3. Select the applicable Unit(s).
    NOTE: Units can be added to help organize your video. Units can also help to search for the video at a later time.
    Select the applicable Unit
  4. Select the appropriate Categories and Keywords.
    NOTE: Athena Keywords and Categories are used for search functions both in and out of Athena. If possible, select as many categories and keywords that describe your item. 
  5. Click Save.