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Internships, student/faculty research, and immersion experiences (both study abroad and short term) that carry credit are noted on a student’s transcript, both in the semester of the experience and in a note at the conclusion of the transcript.

Students may also apply to have non-course internships and student/faculty research noted on their transcript. Those experiences will appear in a note at the conclusion of the transcript.

Students may apply for a transcript note for any internship or research experience they participated in since fall semester 2021 and that meets the criteria. Students must complete their application before the final day of classes in the semester they graduate from UW-Eau Claire and may only complete the process if they are currently enrolled.

Here is an example of how the non-course high impact practice notation will appear on the official transcript. 

High Impact Practices example

Choose Type of Experience

Experience Type

Then verify that you have not enrolled in a course, received credit or LE for the experience.

Choose term the experiences were completed and provide project dates


Add information about the experience

For Internship experiences: 

Additional Information

For Non-LE/Non-Course Research/Creative Activity experiences:

Additional Information 2

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