Budget & Resource Planning: GPR Budget Transfers

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The purpose of the GPR Budget Transfer eForm is to transfer budgets for Funds 102/402 (GPR).

  1. Navigate to the GPR Budget Transfer eForm.
  2. Select Salaries and Fringe Benefits 
    Select S&S, Travel, and Other Non-Salary Items.
  3. Using the dropdown menus, select the correct Fund, Program, DeptID, and Budget Category
  4. Enter the correct amounts.
  5. Click the Update Totals button.
  6. Answer the Signature Authority question and enter the person with signature authority if your answer is No.
  7. Provide information for the reason for the transfer.
  8. Type the last name of the person receiving the budget
    Type the project/event name.
    NOTE: This information will show in WISDM to track budget amounts by person receiving budget/award or event (ex. 063601/063401-SMITH).
  9. In the Inform Additional Users field, add any individuals you would like to be informed of the transfer.
    NOTE: This is not an approval process.
  10. Click Submit.