CampS: Catalog, Plan, Program, Advisor Update Troubleshooting (Administrative Support)

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Frequently Seen Error Messages

  • You forgot to click Include History.
    include history
  • You forgot to add SEC to the plan code for a second or third major.
    You added SEC or BA or some other degree to a minor plan code.


You selected/typed a plan that is no longer available.

wrong code

You forgot to add a row and are trying to make a change to a record with an effective date in the past.
You made a change to this student's record today, and navigated away.
effective date

  • You forgot to enter the plan or program change when you added a row on the Student Program page. If you do not see any highlighted fields, check different tabs until you find the highlighted field.
    highlighted fields
  • The student has been evaluated for graduation. Send them to Degree Review for program, plan or requirement term changes.
    degree checkout status
  • You forgot to save.
    NOTE: Click Cancel to continue, and click OK to return to the page then SAVE.  Clicking OK does not save your changes

Advisor Update Troubleshooting

  • There is a row in the advisor stack with no advisor. Most likely you added an extra row. Click View All and delete any blank rows.
    missing advisor

Program Plan Update Troubleshooting

If the plan code is not accepted:

  • Check the program – only give codes for that college.
    NOTE: If the program is “post-bac”, only a post-bac plan code will be accepted for the primary major.
  • Enter the first 2-3 digits and click the magnifying glass magnifying glass. A list of codes beginning with those digits will come up.