Purchasing: Cellular Devices

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The state of Wisconsin has a mandatory cellular contract that includes multiple cellular providers. UW-Eau Claire currently utilizes Verizon (preferred) and AT&T. Cellular phones (smart phones and basic phones) and cellular hot spots can be procured for either of these vendors.
Particularly for on campus use, Verizon will generally provide the best signal on lower campus as Verizon has a tower located on Hibbard Hall.

If a smart phone is being requested you will be required to get an iPhone model so that the device can be managed by Learning and Technology Services as required by UW System Information Security Policy. Android based smart phones are only permitted when a business use case requires it and is approved by LTS. In general, the request for new cellular service must have a UW-Eau Claire business related purpose.
Prices and promotions for devices change on at least a quarterly basis.

For any questions or needs regarding cellular services, including device pricing and plans, please contact Craig Ernst at ernstcs@uwec.edu. When submitting a request for a new services, include the business purpose and type of device you are looking at. For requests about an existing line of service, please be sure to include the phone number associated with it in your message.

Personal Cellular Discounts

As State of Wisconsin employees we are often provided discounts by cellular providers associated with the state contract. Here are the discounts and information for your personal services that UW-Eau Claire is aware of.

AT&T - There is a 17% discount on services and we also qualify for upgrade fee waivers. To take advantage of these discounts, you must go to an AT&T retail store and they can assist you with the employment verification process.

Verizon - There is a 15% discount on eligible voice and data plans with a monthly access fee of $34.99 or higher, and this excludes any unlimited plans. Feature plans of $24.99 or higher may be eligible for discounts, but again does not apply to unlimited plans. A 25% discount is also available on some accessories. Contact ernstcs@uwec.edu for more details on how to subscribe to these discounts.

LTS is determining what discounts are available for US Cellular, who are also on the state wireless contract.