CETL: Classroom Technology

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This document focuses on the availability of tools in the classroom.

Webcams in the Classroom

  • There will be a webcam in each classroom. If you are teaching in a lab space, please check the space to see if a camera is present. If a camera is needed, please contact the Help Desk to request a consultation about options for the lab space.
  • If you are teaching remotely and need a webcam, please refer to LTS Remote Services page.


  • In the large classrooms that had microphones installed previously, lapel microphones are available. If you are teaching in a different classroom, you can request a handheld microphone to be set up in your classroom. We do not have enough microphones to provide individuals with their own personal microphones. Instead, microphones will be cleaned and shared to service all of the campus. You may not need a microphone at all. We encourage to test speaking with a microphone in the classroom. Through testing, we were able to hear the instructor with minimal muffling of the voice.
  • Please contact the Help Desk to request a microphone.

HoverCam Document Cameras

Document cameras are a great way to share materials with your students in a classroom or online setting. HoverCams, found in many of the classrooms, can be used to share documents through the Crestron system found in a classroom, stream documents through a web conferencing program, or share documents within a recording. HoverCams can also be available upon request for your office or personal use. 
Please contact the Help Desk or submit a Help Desk ticket to request this device.