Continuing Education: Short Application

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  1. Navigate to
  2. Register as a New or Existing User.
    NOTE: Copy the User Name and password you create for this website in a safe place for future reference.
  3. (Optional) If you are registering as a new user, fill in the required fields.
  4. Click Save New Registration.
    Click Save New Registration
  5. Click Create a new application.
    Click Create a new application
  6. From the drop-down menu, select UW-Eau Claire.
    Select UW-Eau Claire
  7. Select the appropriate response for your citizenship.
  8. Click Next.
    US citizen: Yes or No
  9. Select the appropriate response for your high school degree.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select the appropriate response for your post-secondary education. 
  12. Click Next.
    Post-secondary education
  13. Select either Special student at the undergraduate level or Special student at the graduate level.
    NOTE: Make your selection according to the course you are taking.
  14. Click Next.
    Reason for Applying
  15. Select Credit through Continuing Education Office.
  16. Click Next.
    Credit through Continuing Education Office
  17. Select the appropriate Semester/Term from the drop-down menu.
    Semester/Term you plan to enter
  18. Review the summary page and correct any errors you see.
    Once everything is correct, click Continue.
    Review and continue
  19. Click Campus Specific and fill in the fields.
  20. Click Personal Information and fill in all the fields.
    NOTE: Type in the dashes for your Social Security Number. This information is confidential and will only be used to avoid duplication of records and for preparation of tax forms that may be required.
  21. Click Address and fill in all the fields.
  22. Click Submit Application.
    Submit Application
  23. Click Perform final check for errors and correct any errors.
    Perform final check for errors
  24. Perform the check again.
  25. Sign the application using your name, birth date, and Social Security Number and click Sign and submit application.Sign and submit the application