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Copyright has two main purposes:
  • Protection of the author's general right to control how a work is used
  • Protection of the author's right to obtain commercial benefit from valuable work

These pages are intended to serve as a reference and a guide in interpreting the copyright laws, but should not be considered a substitute for legal counsel.

The coordination of copyright matters is the responsibility of the Copyright Officer. This position is currently held on an acting basis by the Library Director, 715-836-3715. The Copyright Officer will provide information and/or forms related to author's rights, contractual arrangements, latest copyright information and enforcement of regulations.

Permissions and Ownership - Faculty Coursepacks

The University Bookstore has an account with the Copyright Clearance Center which provides a lawful means for making photocopies for coursepacks and other materials distributed in class that are outside of the fair use exemption. For more information contact the University Bookstore, 715-836-2172.