Technology: Creating a Repeating Event in the Calendar

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Repeat an Event

Repeating an event saves you the time it would take to create multiple separate events. You will be able to make changes to all events in a series at once, or update just one event within the series.

  1. Create a new event:
    1. Click the blue "+ Add new" button towards the right side of the Your Events screen; or
    2. Click the yellow "+ New" button in the top right within the purple menu bar.
  2. Make your event repeat:
    1. In the Date and Time section, click the "Event date" field to launch an interactive calendar. Select the start date for your event.
    2. If your event is not an all day event, provide a start time for your event by click the "& time" field and select a time from the dropdown menu.
    3. If your event is not an all day event, provide an end time for your event by clicking the checkbox for "Add ending date & time." Leave the "Ending date" field blank, but complete the "& time" field as you did for your event start and time
    4. Check the box for "Repeating event" to create a customized repeating pattern you want your event to follow. Your options include:
      1. Daily
      2. Every weekday (Monday to Friday)
      3. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
      4. Every Tuesday and Thursday
      5. Weekly
      6. Monthly
      7. Yearly
    5. Your starting date should be auto-populated. Using the available options you can further customize your repeating pattern so your event repeats every X days or weeks.
    6. You can also customize when the repeating pattern ends, either by a certain date or after a set number of occurrences.
      1. Note: If your repeating event series doesn't end exactly on the date you've selected, the series will instead end on the closest date to the one you've selected without going past it.
  3. Complete the remaining required fields as you would with a single event.
  4. Complete the optional fields as you would with a single event.
  5. When you have finished entering your event information, you can save and publish your event to the Events Calendar.
    1. Click the green "Save" button to save your event; or
    2. Click the green "Save and Go To Eventbutton to save your event and then view it as it appears on the calendar.

If your event takes place at different times on different days of the week, you will need to create a series for each set of times. If, for instance, it's a theatre production that offers evening times during the week and matinees on the weekend, that will be two recurring events to enter. 

Edit an Event in a Series

  1. From the Your Events screen, click on the event title for the specific event you want to edit.
  2. Update your event as needed.
    1. Note: you cannot change the time for an individual event within a series of repeating events.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select from the following options:
    1. Change entire series: Updates all events.
    2. Change all following eventsUpdates the event you're currently updating and all events in the series that follow.
    3. Change only this event: Updates only the event you're currently editing.Your events screen