Department COVID Infrastructure/Specific PPE Needs

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  • Please use this form to request new infrastructure changes and specific PPE requests to your department.
    • These requests will help the campus committees review the needs and consolidated requests. 
    • The campus plans to provide an adequate number of hand sanitizer and whips/spray stations on each floor of campus buildings based on occupancy. 
  • This form is NOT an order - the respective committees will reach out to the department with any questions 
  • Please do not use this form to request general supplies but only list hand sanitizer and wipe/spray locations if you have a unique need (i.e. the skills lab in Nursing which has many high-touch surfaces which will need more sanitation supplies than the "standard" classroom).

Once submitted, a committee member will reach out to you.

Respirator Guidelines

 Priority is to reorganize space when possible to accommodate distancing 


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