CampS: Dropping Classes (Students)

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You can drop a class from your schedule in CampS, as long as you are within the registration deadlines. The process includes selecting the classes you wish to drop, confirming the selection, and viewing the results.


  • This document deals with classes that you have already registered for. If you have placed classes in your shopping cart, but have not finalized enrollment, you are not yet registered for those classes and do not need to drop them.
  • If you have registered for classes and wish to drop all the courses you registered for, whether you have access will depend on whether or not the term has started. If the term has not started, you may drop all classes in CampS. If the term has started (even if your classes have not started), then you would need to complete a Term Withdrawal eform
  • Changes after the second week of the semester require a Change of Registration eform and may have effects on your academic standing.
  1. From CampS, click on the Manage Classes tile. 
  2. Click on Drop Classes from the navigation menu. "Step 1: Select Classes to Drop" will appear.
  3. Check the box next to the class(es) you want to drop from your schedule. 

  1. Click Next. "Step 2: Review Classes to Drop" will appear.
  2. Review and click Drop Classes
  3. Confirm your desire to drop by clicking OK.

NOTE: In the Status section if a checkmark Checkmark appears, you are either enrolled or placed on the waitlist. Read the message to determine your enrollment status and/or view your waitlist position. If an Xappears, you were not able to be successfully enrolled into the class. Read the error message for details. For example, you may need the instructor's consent or to clear a hold. 

  1. ​Check your schedule to make sure that it reflects your changes.