CampS: Editing Your Addresses (Students)

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With CampS, you can now edit most of your personal information by yourself. This document will help you edit your address information.
NOTE: To delete an address, contact the Blugold Central. However, as most addresses can be edited, this will usually be unnecessary.


Adding a New Address

  1. From CampS, click on the Profile tile.
  2. Select Addresses from the navigation menu.
  3. Click the plus symbol to add a new address.

  1. In the text boxes, type desired information.

  1. Click Save.

Edit an Existing Address

For students, you may need to edit your addresses relatively often. Whenever you move into a new apartment or if your parents move, you will need to edit your addresses in CampS so that the University can send you pertinent information.

  1. From CampS, click on the Profile tile.
  2. Select Addresses from the navigation menu.
  3. Click on the row of the address you would like to change.
    The Edit Address web page appears.
  4. Edit the desired information.
  5. Click Save.

Types of Addresses

There are two different address types kept on record by the University:

  • Home, which is your permanent address (most undergraduate students list the postal address of their parents).
  • Mail, your local or temporary address (This should only be entered if it is different than your Home address and if you are not living in a Residence Hall. Residence Hall addresses will be updated internally based on room assignments.)