CampS: Editing Your Hometown for News Releases (Students)

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With MyBlugold CampS, you can now edit most of your personal information by yourself. It is a good idea to check and see if your hometown is listed correctly for News Releases issued to your hometown paper, for instance, making the Dean's List and Commencement announcements.

  1. Log into MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Select the Academic Records tile.
  3. Select Hometown News Release.
    On the page that appears, you will be able to see your hometown information as currently listed for News Releases.Select Hometown News Release
  4. You will be able to edit your City, State, Country, Zip Code and restriction status.
  5. If you have two hometowns -- for instance, the city you grew up in and the city you live in now -- click plus to Add a Hometown.
  6. An identical Send news to box will appear, allowing you to input all the necessary information.
    NOTE: News Releases will be sent to all hometown newspapers; however only the primary hometown will be mentioned in a news release. If you have two hometowns listed, be sure to indicate the preferred hometown. To do this, select Yes on the Preferred hometown pulldown.
  7. You can also delete the listed hometown by clicking on hometown row and then Delete.
  8. You have the right to restrict the release of your information. This is done by selecting Exclude from the Include/Exclude me from News Release field. If restrictions are in place, information will not be sent to newspapers.
    PLEASE NOTE: Only students can change the restriction since it is part of their confidential information. 
  9. When all of your information is correct, click Save.