Email: Getlist and Gradebook

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The getlist and gradebook features are available to faculty and staff members at UW-Eau Claire through Outlook email. The commands allow a faculty/staff member to receive a list of the students in a particular class or members of a distribution list as an email message. This information can be put into a worksheet or word processing document for establishing a gradebook, an attendance record, etc.

About Getlist and Gradebook

The getlist and gradebook commands are similar, but the gradebook command provides additional information. The one you use to obtain a list of students will depend on your needs and how you are using the information in your gradebook. Each command returns the following:

  • Getlist returns email, first and last name, and middle initial.
  • Gradebook returns email, first and last name, middle initial, University ID, and classification.

Obtaining a List of Students

In order to obtain a list of students in a particular class, you must indicate the list name in the correct format. For more information on list name formats, refer to Using Student Distribution Lists.

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. In the To... text box, type gradebook or getlist.
  3. In the Subject text box, type the academic year code, subject prefix (in lowercase letters), course number, and section number, separated by periods.
    EXAMPLE: 2141.math.110.001

    NOTE: The academic year code takes the following form:
    • first digit of calendar year (2)
    • last two digits of fiscal year (14)
    • term, where 1=Fall , 3=Winterim, 5=Spring, 7=Summer (including the first 3-week session)
  4. Click Send.
    The results will be sent to you via email.

Using the List Results in a Worksheet

Lists obtained by using either getlist or gradebook may be used in a variety of applications and formats, including worksheets (e.g., Microsoft Excel). The following tips provide some general guidance for moving the information into a worksheet. The same principles apply to moving the information into a word processing application (e.g., Microsoft Word).

  • The email message can be copied and pasted into a worksheet. If you do this, the record for each student appears in its own row. Information is not delimited by columns. However, you can use the text to columns command to separate the information into separate columns.
  • The email message can be saved as text only (.txt) and opened in Excel. If you do this, Excel's Text Import Wizard will guide you through the process of converting the information to a tab-delimited format.
  • Once the information is in the worksheet, you may need to adjust column widths and delete unnecessary information, (e.g., names and social security numbers of instructors).

Electronic Gradebook Submission

Faculty who have questions about electronic gradebook submission should contact the Help Desk.