Handshake Guide for UW-Eau Claire On-Campus Employers

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Setting up a UW-Eau Claire Handshake Employer Account

You can create an account to hire on-campus by clicking here: Employer Handshake Registration.

  1.  Click Sign Up For An Account, click Employer and fill out your information

     Sign Up For An Account 
  2. Choose the types of students you wish to recruit
    NOTE: General Studies may be a good fit for on-campus opportunities if you are unsure.
    (OPTIONAL) Enter your Alma Mater if you wish and continue.

    Choose the types of students
  3. Read the employer guidelines and note you are not a 3rd party recruiter and click the Next Confirm Email button

    Next Confirm Email
  4. Next, you will receive an email from Handshake to confirm your email

    confirm your email
  5. You will be brought back to Handshake and asked to choose your “company”. Each department at UW-Eau Claire will be their own “company” in Handshake
  6. Check to see if your department is listed in this format: (Department, UW-Eau Claire)
    WARNING: DO NOT join the main University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire account!
  7. If your department is already in Handshake, select to join your company and you are finished.
  8. If your department is not listed, you are the first from your department to create an employer account in Handshake. Click Create New Company on the bottom right of the page.
  9. To be consistent across campus, please create your “company” name in the following format:  Department, UW-Eau Claire (such as Advising, Retention + Career Center, UW-Eau Claire).  
  10. Complete the required (*) information and click Create New Employer
  11. NOTE: Location must be a real city, state or address, you can use: Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  12. Lastly, you will connect to schools. Search for University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (it should be already selected for you) and continue.

NOTE: Career Services does review each company request in Handshake so it may take 24-48 hours for your approval.  Once your company has been approved, all jobs you post will be auto-approved immediately upon submission.

Posting a Job to Recruit UW-Eau Claire Students

  1. Go to uwec.joinhandshake.com and log in to your UW-Eau Claire Employer Handshake account
  2. Click on Post a Job on the Home page, or select Jobs on the left menu
  3. On-Campus Job Posting Recommendations:


  1. Job Title-Pick a title that is specific and appealing (Career Services Handshake Assistant vs. a generic title like “Office Help”).
  2. Job Type-Choose “On Campus Student Employment”.
  3. Duration-Either Permanent or Temporary/Seasonal is fine.
  4. Work Study-If you can only hire a student with work-study funds, select Yes and also include a message about this in the job description to make it clear. Some include “Work Study Only” in the Job Title as well. If either is fine (work-study or not), still select Yes as many students use this as a search filter.


  1. Description-Create a description with as much detail as possible that is clear and easy to read quickly. 
    • Use bullet points, bold and underline to emphasize duties/responsibilities, required skills/qualifications
    • Include the number of hours expected per week and days/times of shifts needed
    • Indicate student benefits such as flexible scheduling, ideal location/hours, training included, skill development, transportation provided, discounts/meals/tickets/free admission, weekly meetings with staff or opportunity to work closely with faculty as applicable 
    • Consider including a sentence about what former students have enjoyed about this position in the past
    • If you have specific application directions, make that clear here as well
  2. Job Function-Choose as many as you wish. If none are a fit, click Other
  3. Approximate salary-
  4. Although this is an optional field, including this information gives students an idea of what to expect. Generally, people are more likely to apply if salary information is included. If salary varies, mention that in the description area (For example: $9-11 per hour based on experience).
  5. Job Location-Must be an actual location (City, State) due to the mapping technology used in Handshake reporting. If you wish to include the building location for the position, add that to the description (such as “workspace located in Vicki Lord Larson Hall”).
  6. Required documents-Resume is selected by default, but can be unchecked. Use the “Other Document” to collect things like schedule of availability or a sample of their work. Be clear on what information is needed in this document.


  1. School years, Minimum GPA and Major categories-It is recommended to keep your options open by not selecting preferences and leaving these sections blank to attract the most applicants. Many of our students are skilled in many areas, so the less limits, the larger pool of applicants you will get.
  2. Applicant package recipients-Add a second or third contact from your office to receive application packages if you wish. It will default to you. You can choose to be emailed each time there is an applicant, or at the end when your job expires.


  1. Job Postings-Add UW-Eau Claire as your school choice.
  2. Global Apply Start/Expiration Dates-Because your job will be posted immediately upon submission, you can use today’s date to start. Keeping a close expiration date is important. If you give students two months to apply, they might assume the position doesn't start until after the expiration date and may not apply because they are looking for something more immediate. A 2-3-week timeframe will encourage urgency. You can always repost the job if you don’t have enough or quality applicants at that time.

The article below outlines the job posting process: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/articles/218693198-How-do-I-post-a-job-

Additional help from Handshake https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/categories/202707307-Employer or create a help ticket: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I am here to help! If you need further assistance, contact Melody Manteufel at the Advising, Retention + Career Center manteumm@uwec.edu or 715-836-6018.