Email: Scan Documents Directly to your Email Address as a PDF

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Click here to watch a tutorial on how to scan documents from a Lanier printer to your email address as a PDF. 

  1. Load documents face up in the document feeder.
  2. Press the Scanner function key.
  3. Make sure email tab is highlighted.
  4. Select destination address from the address book.
    If desired destination does not appear, refer to instructions below on how to add an address to the address book.
    Press program destination.
    1. The desired address will now appear in the address book.
    2. Press okay twice.
    3. Type username using the keypad.
    4. Press Ok twice. 
    5. Type email using the keypad.
    6. Press change.
  5. Press Scan Menu.
    Here the user can adjust color, resolution, and scan size.
  6. Press Send File Type/Name.
    Here the user can adjust the page orientation.
  7. Press File Name to name file.
  8. Type desired name into the keypad.
  9. Press start.
  10. The document will arrive as attachments in an email.