IEP: Attendance Policy

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Students are required to attend all courses. These include 18 clock hours of instruction per week, and all mandatory mentoring and orientation sessions. Attendance will be taken in all classes and mandatory sessions. The U.S. government requires that English Language Study programs have a clearly defined attendance policy that complies with the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) full course of study requirements. School Designated School Officials (DSOs) must track student attendance and must terminate the SEVIS record of any student who does not comply with the SEVP full course of study requirements.



If a student is late to class, up to 10 minutes, they will be marked tardy. If a student is marked tardy five times in the same course, it will count as an absence. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to a class or mandatory session, the student will be marked as absent.

0-10 Minutes Late

Marked Tardy

10-29 Minutes Late 

Marked Absent


Students are allowed four (4) total absences in each class per semester. Any absence for any reason will count towards the four absences. There are no excused absences. It is the student's responsibility to notify his/her instructor of an absence and to make up any work for that class.

  1. After two absences, the student will meet with the ESL Instructor to discuss the circumstances of the absences. The ESL Instructor will offer appropriate help or suggestions (Counseling Services, Health Center, etc.).
  2. After the third absence, the student will meet with the ESL Coordinator and contact the IEP Manager. The ESL Coordinator will create an Individual Progress Plan which both will sign.
  3. After the fourth absence, the ESL Instructor will notify the DSO/IEP Manager. The DSO/IEP Manager will meet with the student. The student will be placed on Attendance Probation.
  4. If an additional absence occurs, the student will be suspended from the IEP and therefore suspended from the university. The student's immigration documents will be terminated.
  5. If a student is suspended he/she may choose to appeal the decision.

Appealing an Attendance Suspension

A student may appeal an attendance suspension to an IEP appeals committee. The committee will consist of one representative from the ESL department, one representative from the Center for International Education, and one representative from a department outside the ESL or CIE departments. If the appeal is accepted the student will be allowed to continue classes but on probation. The terms of the probation will be determined by the appeals committee. If the appeal is denied, the student will be dismissed from the program and the university. The student's immigration documents will be terminated