Kaltura: Collaborate Ultra Recordings in Course Media

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Copying Collaborate Ultra Recordings to Kaltura My Media

UW-System made updates to Collaborate Ultra (CU) recording storage during the Academic Year 2020-2021. This does not impact any other web conferencing platform. Recordings were copied each night from CU to Kaltura My Media for long-term storage.

NOTE: As of June 2021, Collaborate Ultra is not a current tool in the UW System Digital Learning Environment.

To Edit/Delete Collaborate Ultra Recording

To edit or delete Collaborate Ultra recordings, navigate to that semester's course in Canvas and click on "Course Media" on the right to change settings or remove the recording. When a recording is deleted from Course Media, it is deleted permanently. If there are multiple instructors within the course, deleting a recording deletes it for everyone.

Watch the Collaborate Ultra Recording Storage Update video (January 2021) for additional information and to see the recordings in Canvas and review the following UW System articles for detailed information:

NOTE: Collaborate Ultra made a change the week of 9/13/20 to uncheck public access, which lasted a couple of weeks before they changed it back. The recordings during those times were not copied to Kaltura unless you specifically checked the "Allow Public Access" option for your recordings.