Kaltura: Enable Video Uploads to Kaltura Through the Canvas Student App

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For students to upload a video from a smartphone or tablet to Kaltura through the Canvas Student app, the instructor needs to add “My Media” (Kaltura) to the course navigation. Please share the instructions on how to complete a mobile upload with students.

  1. Login to Canvas and enter your course
  2. Click Settings in the bottom of the navigation bar

    Click Settings
  3. Click Navigation in the upper tabs area

    Click Navigation
  4. Click My Media in the list of items in the bottom area and drag it up to where you want it located above

    NOTE: Media Gallery allows everyone in the class to share videos in one central repository. Many times, it is not ideal since there is no organizational structure and it would be better for instructors to set up discussions or assignments for student videos and for instructors to share videos in Pages, Announcements, etc.

    Click My Media
  5. Click Save