Policies: Leave of Absence

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Leave / Reentry

It is no longer necessary to submit a leave of absence. After one full-term semester of non-enrollment, students remain active and eligible to enroll and will automatically receive an enrollment date to register. If you are taking credits while you are not attending UW-Eau Claire, you must send your official transcript upon re-enrollment. Transfer work is critical and may affect academic progress, academic standing, financial aid eligibility, and graduation.

Official transcripts should be sent electronically via secured transmission (not email) to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Admissions.

UW-Eau Claire Admissions
Schofield 111
105 Garfield Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54701

Two Semesters or More of Leave: Complete Reentry Student Enrollment Form

All students who have been away from the University for two consecutive full-term semesters or more must file a reentry application. As a reentry student, a $100 enrollment deposit is not required. Students seeking reentry are encouraged to make application as early as possible prior to the semester in which they wish to return. Reentry after the term starts is not guaranteed. Students returning after an absence of two or more consecutive full-term semesters must meet the degree requirements of the catalog in effect upon their return, or a subsequent catalog. Reentry Student Enrollment Form
NOTE: A military leave of absence request e-form must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office. Students are granted military leave for the entire time of their military commitment.

Military Leave of Absence

Military students who do not attend UW-Eau Claire for more than one semester must complete a leave of absence form. A military student on a leave of absence does not have to apply for reentry; however, if the military student is suspended or stays out of school for a period longer than the approved leave, he or she must apply for reentry. 

Submit Military Leave of Absence Request

Important Requirements

  1. Graduate and special students are not eligible for leave.
  2. You may not attend classes at any institution while on an military leave of absence.
  3. If you are suspended for academic reasons, the military leave is automatically canceled and the student must apply for reentry.
  4. Keep in mind that when you return to UW-Eau Claire, you may need to complete a new financial aid application. Military students are strongly encouraged to meet with Financial Aid.
  5. If you desire University housing at UW-Eau Claire upon return, you must make arrangements with the Housing and Residence Life Office.
  6. If you are enrolled at UW-Eau Claire for the semester you are taking leave, you must cancel your classes before the beginning of the semester.
  7. If after your military leave is approved you desire changes, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 715-836-5626.