LTS: Computer Repair Guidelines

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Learning and Technology Services shall provide repair services for university owned desktop and portable computers owned by the University and located in academic classrooms, faculty/staff offices, and labs. Every attempt will be made to minimize downtime and complete repairs within 24 hours. If parts must be ordered or warranty steps must be followed, a timeframe will be estimated but cannot be guaranteed. Call the LTS Help Desk for repairs or upgrades (715-836-5711).

These guidelines will be reviewed and updated annually during spring semester. Revisions will become effective July 1, the start of the next fiscal year.


General Guidelines

  1. ONLY university purchased and inventoried computers will be repaired or upgraded by LTS. Used, donated, surplus, or personally owned equipment utilized on campus will not be maintained. Repairs of desktop computers, monitors, and laser printers shall be made if the repair cost (parts only) is below 50% of replacement cost and replacement parts are available. Desktop computer and monitor replacements are the responsibility of the department. Computer upgrades are not considered repair and all hardware/parts costs are the responsibility of the requesting department. All repair work for Program Revenue accounts will be a charge-back (parts and labor). These units include University Centers, Housing and Residence Life, Children’s Center, Health Services, Spectator, Activities Programs and Recreation, and Outreach Programs.
  2. Consumable items such as ribbons, toner cartridges, batteries, paper, speakers, keyboards, and track balls/mice are the responsibility of the department. LTS will assist departments by recommending vendors who sell appropriate replacement items.

Equipment — After Manufacturer's Warranty Has Expired

LTS technicians will have discretionary authority to repair desktop models after the manufacturer's warranty has expired (typically after one or three year(s) on Macs and three years on Dells). Repairs shall be done if a department requests such repair and provides LTS a signed production request authorizing the purchase of all replacement parts from their departmental account.


If a monitor has failed, it will be removed for repair. A temporary monitor will be supplied on a first come, first served basis depending on availability. Only the most common monitors will be supported with a temporary replacement. Repair costs of special high-resolution monitors will be the responsibility of the requesting department. LTS will send the monitors in for repair.

Portable Computers

Portable computer repairs will be done on a partial charge-back basis (parts only). LTS will cover internal labor (external labor costs are the departments responsibility) costs. The remainder of the repair cost will be the department’s responsibility. The department will be asked to authorize an estimate if repair costs are judged to exceed the $200.

Miscellaneous Related Equipment

Equipment attached to personal computers will be evaluated for repair and cost estimates will be provided to the requester. Items will be maintained on a charge-back (parts only) basis. These types of units include non-laser printers, scanners, modems, PCMCIA cards, video capture boards, external hard drives, external zip drives, back-up tape drives, label makers, or other specialized equipment.


Exceptions to this policy may be made under special circumstances by contacting the Director of LTS.