Security: Managed Spam

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The Quarantine Spam system works to protect its users from phishing and spam emails. The system uses a database outlined by Microsoft to filter out known spam and phishing sites.
NOTE:  This system only filters emails received from the internet, not on-campus emails. Students should still practice anti-phishing methods when confronting suspicious emails.

To manage your quarantined spam, navigate to and sign in with your UW-Eau Claire username and password. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your quarantined emails. From here, you can sort, search, release, view, and report the emails as not spam.

Quarantine Spam

To filter the quarantined emails, select Message ID.  This will allow you to filter emails based on the message ID, sender email address, recipient email address, or subject.

To view specific details of one of the emails, select the email. The summary of the email's properties will be displayed on the right. 

You can view the information about the email's path by clicking View message header... You can also view the email's content by clicking Preview email message... This will allow you to look at the email in plain text by clicking Raw or to look it as it would appear in your inbox by clicking HTML.  
NOTE:  If you choose to view the email as an HTML, while sanitized, the links in the email will still be active.  

Preview Email

To release a message, select the emails you decide are not spam and click the envelope icon. Next, click either Release message(s) to move the email to your inbox, or Delete messages to remove it from quarantine.  Once deleted, they won't be sent to the intended recipients. 
NOTE:  All quarantined emails that are not release to your inbox be deleted 15 days after they are received.

When you have finished, log out by clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting Sign Out.

For more information about phishing protection, read the Phishing Attacks article.