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MyAnalytics is best thought of as a “fitness tracker for the workplace.” By using data generated from everyday work in Office 365, MyAnalytics helps people understand how they spend their limited time and who they spend it with, and then presents intelligent tips on how to work smarter. 


How Employees Can Opt-In or Opt-Out

End users can opt-in or opt-out of MyAnalytics via the Feature Settings menu in Office 365

  1. Click Settings icon
    Click Settings
  2. Click Feature Settings
    Feature Settings
  3. Click On under MyAnalytics
    Click On
  4. Click On under Email Digest
    Click On

How MyAnalytics works

MyAnalytics presents insights through four different surfaces. These different surfaces include Personal dashboard, Outlook Add-In, Weekly email digest, and Nudges in Outlook.

Personal Dashboard

MyAnalytics helps you understand how you collaborate with colleagues and spend your time at work. An important tool to help you gain this understanding is the MyAnalytics personal dashboard. Only you have access to your MyAnalytics dashboard. MyAnalytics does not provide your manager or anyone else in your organization access to your dashboard.

  1. Type into search engine. 
  2. Navigate to the side pane and select MyAnalytics.
    NOTE: The MyAnalytics personal dashboard opens and displays your information for the most recent complete week.

Outlook Add-In

 The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in appears as a pane in Outlook. It presents you with information about your recent collaboration and communication patterns and it suggests ways that you can work more effectively. The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in is automatically enabled for all users who have the MyAnalytics license.

  1. To access the Outlook Add-in, navigate to the Outlook toolbar

  2. Select the MyAnalytics logo
    MyAnalytics Logo

Weekly Email Digest

As a MyAnalytics user, you will receive a weekly email digest that gives you key highlights about your previous week. This email digest contains links that you can click to open your MyAnalytics dashboard. Below 

Nudges in Outlook

MyAnalytics nudges in Outlook (or MyAnalytics nudges) are brief, data and AI-driven notifications that appear in Microsoft Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation. MyAnalytics nudges can help boost your productivity and that of your team by displaying useful suggestions, tips, and best practices around managing email and running meetings. They help inform and guide you in making effective email and meeting decisions. They can also help you to reclaim focus hours and build better collaboration habits, in addition to other practical benefits.

Additional Resources 

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