Email: Outlook Profile Photo

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Microsoft Outlook and Webmail are capable of displaying a profile photo with each email you send on campus. Recipients on campus will not only see who sent the email, but a small photo of the person who sent it, next to the sender's name.

If any UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff or students are interested in adding their headshot photos to their Outlook/Webmail/Teams profiles, please contact the LTS Photo department at or 715-836-6005. LTS Photo will schedule a free, headshot photo session with each user. The photo session is quick and the user can keep the professionally taken photos to use for other services like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Once a photo is decided on and loaded into the system, the photo will start appearing inside Teams and next to all emails the user sends on campus within 24 hours.
NOTE: In order to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity within the Office 365 email system, LTS is only allowing headshot photos taken by staff members of the LTS Photo department.