Policies: Alcohol at Activities Sponsored by Student Organizations

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The availability of alcohol at any activity sponsored by University-recognized student organizations must comply with the rules and regulations of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and with the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Should a recognized student organization choose to make alcohol available at any event or activity, the following applies:

  1. The possession, sale, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages during a recognized student organization event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the organization, or at any event an observer would associate with the organization, must be in compliance with any and all applicable rules or laws of the University, city, county, state, and federal government.
  2. Recognized student organizations hosting events at which alcohol is present must have a licensed third party vendor.
  3. Recognized student organizations may not use funds collected from member dues, fees, or collaborative fundraising efforts to purchase alcohol, nor may the purchase of alcoholic beverages for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of or on behalf of the recognized student organization. In addition same funds may not be used to purchase promotional materials (i.e., bar crawl t-shirts, etc.) for unofficial events that can only be attended by those of legal drinking age.
  4. Open parties, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the recognized student organization, without specific invitation, at which alcohol is present are prohibited.
  5. No members of a recognized student organization, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under the established legal drinking age).
  6. Recognized student organizations hosting events on campus at which alcohol is available must follow the UW-Eau Claire policy titled Guidelines for Service of Alcoholic Beverages
  7. Recognized student organizations must hold all organization events at locations that allow entry to persons of any age.