Policies: Cell Phones and Home Internet Reimbursement

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The purpose of this policy is to provide clear directive regarding the permission of reimbursements for cell phones and home internet. In alignment with UW System practices, UW-Eau Claire will no longer allow the broad reimbursement for home internet and personal cellphone reimbursement.    

Policy Statements   

Home Internet Service Policy   

Given that even the slowest home access speeds are generally adequate for logging on from home for work:

  • UW-Eau Claire Accounts Payable will only reimburse existing UWEC employees (effective Oct 1, 2019) who are currently recipients of a home internet service provider reimbursement plan going forward.
  • These employees will continue to be allowed to receive this benefit; however, the need will be reevaluated as people change positions.
  • No current or future UWEC employees not currently receiving the benefit will be offered this option for reimbursement.     

Cell Phone Reimbursements   

Given the industry movement to ‘unlimited text and talk plans’:

  • UWEC will limit the number of employees with campus-reimbursed personal cell phones.
  • Existing employees will be allowed to continue to receive this benefit, however the need will be reevaluated as people change positions.
  • Those approved by the division head will be limited to those with extensive around the clock access requirements.