Policies: Complimentary Ticket and Pass Policy

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  • Admission Event: An Admission event is a university-sponsored event for which admission is charged.
  • Complimentary Ticket: A complimentary ticket is a ticket that has not been purchased and is provided at no charge to the recipient of the ticket. Tickets obtained without charge through the University ID are not subject to the provisions of this policy.
  • Event Participant: A person who has a role in the production or evaluation of a university event. 

Policies and Procedures

Complimentary tickets may be provided to guests of the university by the Chancellor, to guests of activities by sponsors of such activities, and to event participants requiring reserved seats, subject to the guidelines below.

  1. All complimentary tickets shall be provided by the Chancellor's Office or by the sponsors of the activity. All complimentary tickets are to be fully accounted for.
  2. Persons involved with event production who do not require seating (stage crew members, ushers, and others who can be shown to be in this category) shall not be ticketed. Event participants who require reserved seating (e.g., theater judges, directors, faculty/staff evaluators, etc.) may receive complimentary tickets, subject to the provisions of A.1 above.
  3. Faculty and staff who are expected, with some regularity, to be event participants (either for production or evaluation) may be issued passes good for all non-reserved seating events sponsored by their department or unit. Passes shall require an ID for admission and are not transferable.

Guidelines for Distinguishing Recipients 

  1. Complimentary tickets may be distributed to campus guests for purposes of university public relations and recruiting of potential students and potential faculty members.
  2. Complimentary tickets shall not be issued in lieu of or as a supplement to compensation.
  3. Others, including spouses or other family members of university employees, may be provided complimentary tickets to University admission events upon the authorization of the Chancellor. Requests for such authorization must be accompanied by a rationale for the request.

To comply with State Statute 36.39, the following policy for complimentary tickets is required. Complimentary ticket policies as required by the appropriate athletic conference will be followed. Source: Faculty Senate; Tuesday, April 13, 1976; approved by Chancellor Revised October 29, 1991