Policies: Keys and Access Hardware

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Managing access to spaces on the UW-Eau Claire campus – whether it be with keys, combination, or electronic devices – is necessary to balance the need for security, safety, and loss protection with the access needed to function.

With that goal, Facilities at UW-Eau Claire manages the installation of door locking/access hardware and the issuance and return of keys along with record-keeping.


Key Responsibilities

University Staff and Students

Possession of a University key carries statutory responsibility.

  1. Wisconsin Administrative Code, Section UWS 18.06 #12.
    1. No person may duplicate a university key or request the unauthorized duplication of a university key.
    2. No person may transfer any university key from an individual entrusted with its possession to another person, or be in unauthorized possession of a university key.
    3. Keys in the possession of unauthorized persons may be confiscated.
  2. By possessing a key, the key holder agrees not to compromise the security of any area or building and further agrees to secure each door upon leaving the area.
    NOTE: Authorized persons or authorized possessions are only those persons or possessions with Key System documentation of authority to possess or control a university key. Authorization is specific to each key issued.

Contractors, Consultants, Vendors, and Other Non-UW-Eau Claire Personnel

Receipt of this key comes with responsibilities.
  1. Wisconsin Administrative Code, Section UWS 18.06 #12
    1. No person may duplicate a University key or request the unauthorized duplication of a University key.
    2. No person may transfer any University key from an individual entrusted with its possession to an unauthorized person, or be in unauthorized possession of a University key.
    3. Keys in the possession of unauthorized persons may be confiscated.
  2. Keys may be kept out for duration of project and must be returned immediately at project completion.
  3. By possession of a key, the carrier agrees to not compromise the security of a campus area or building. When leaving, ensure that all doors are secured as they were upon arrival.
  4. Loss of this key may necessitate re-keying of one or more buildings and may cost thousands of dollars. This cost could be assigned to the party losing said key.
  5. Keys must be returned to Facilities immediately upon completion of the project and before the return date on the Key Authorization form. Final payment to the contractor may be withheld until all keys have been verified as returned.
  6. Violation of these requirements may result in loss of key privileges. Lost time and inconvenience to the contractor due to delayed entry into secured areas as a result of such loss of privileges will be at no cost to the University or the State of Wisconsin.
  7. The University's interests must be protected at all times.

Key Authorization

Obtain UW-Eau Claire authorization signatures as required for the type of key requested. Following are the minimum authorization requirements by type of key.

Department Chair /
Director Building
Coordinator Facilities
Assistant Director Facilities
Associate Director Facilities
Director A. Department Pass Key X X X X X B. Department Master Key X X X X X C. Building Exterior Door Key X X D. Building Master Key X X E. Grand Master Key X X X X X
  • X - Authorized Signature
  • A. Operates one or more doors within a single department. (Only one signature required)
  • B. Operates multiple doors within a single department. (Only one signature required).
  • C.  Operates the building exterior door. (Both signatures required)
  • D. Operates most doors within a building. (Both signatures required)
  • E. Operates most doors in multiple buildings. (Justification from Department Chair/Director or Building Coordinator required).

Facilities uses a computerized system to track the return dates of all keys issued. Therefore it is mandatory that a return date is indicated per the following table when authorizing the issuance of keys. Return dates should realistically reflect the anticipated length of need for the key.

Faculty /
Staff Emereti LTEs Students Contractors /
Consultants /
Vendors No return date required X X Length of project - ONE YEAR MAXIMUM X One Academic Year maximum (End of Semester) X X


Faculty / Staff / Students No deposit Contractors, Consultants & Vendors No deposit - signed Key Agreement required Non-UW-Eau Claire state employees and other non-UW-Eau Claire personnel No deposit - must complete contact information form

Returning Keys

  • UW-Eau Claire faculty & staff -- MUST return all building keys to Facilities in person before discontinuing your employment or transferring from your present position. Do not turn keys over to the person assuming your position, to the department chair or to any other person. You will be held responsible for all keys issued to you.
  • UW-Eau Claire students -- MUST return all keys in person to Facilities on or before the return date indicated on the Key Authorization form, upon leaving school or on the completion of any activity that required authorized access to a specific area. Do not turn any keys over to anyone else. You will be held responsible for all keys issued to you. (Housing RAs are to follow housing key return procedures)
  • Key holders other than UW-Eau Claire staff or students (e.g., contractors, consultants and vendors) -- must return all keys in person to Facilities upon completion of the authorized project, seminar, contract, performance, etc. and before the return date indicated on the Key Authorization form.
  • Individuals issued temporary keys -- must return keys as indicated by the return date on the Key Authorization form.
  • Emeriti -- must return all keys upon retirement. Issuance of keys required to continue work on campus, or affiliation with campus activities, will be granted with the authorization of the appropriate Building Coordinator.
  • Facilities intends to pursue all efforts required to recover unreturned keys, including a registration / records hold, the assessment of a non-refundable minimum $50.00 fine and the withholding of final payment to contractors.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Steps to follow if keys are lost or stolen:

  1. Notify Facilities immediately upon the event of loss or theft of keys. A Lost Key report must be filed as soon as possible with Facilities. Facilities will notify UW-Eau Claire Police, the Building Coordinator, Office of Risk Management, Facilities Associate Director and Department Chair indicating which keys are missing.
  2. The Department Chair or Director of the affected area and the Building Coordinator will review the effects of the missing keys. The Building Coordinator is to continually assess lost keys and security breaches (i.e., theft) and may initiate a request to re-key building-wide hardware.
  3. The Facilities Director or Associate Director will make the decision whether or not to re-key the affected areas.
  4. Replacement keys will not be issued until a Lost Key report and a new Key Authorization form is completed and submitted.

Use of Non-University Locks

  • Any lock installed on UW-Eau Claire property must have a key on file with Facilities.
  • No lock may be put on UW-Eau Claire property without written authorization from the Director or Associate Director of Facilities. Examples of approved arrangements between a Department and Facilities are as follows:
    • Locks for personal lockers rented through the University.
    • Locks issued by the Athletic department for personal athletic lockers.
    • Personal locks for laboratory equipment drawers.
Facilities reserves the right to physically remove any unauthorized locks.

Registration / Records Hold and Fine Assessment

  • If assigned keys are not returned to Facilities by the return date as stated in this policy, Facilities will send a written notice and/or electronic notification of the delinquency or obligation to the key holder including steps the key holder may take to clear the delinquency or obligation.
  • If the student has not responded within three weeks of the first notification, Facilities will send a copy of the delinquency notice to the University Collections office indicating a registration / records hold is to be placed and a $50 fine to be issued. The hold will remain in place until the key holder pays the (minimum) $50 fine, and returns the delinquent key(s) or submits a lost key report to Facilities.
  • Facilities, the University Collections office and the Registrar will follow established guidelines for withholding students' registrations and records as described in UW-Eau Claire University Policy Book page 3:13.

Key holders Other Than UW-Eau Claire Staff and Students

  • Review needs with the Facilities Director, Associate Director, Project Coordinator, Shop Supervisor or similar UW-Eau Claire contact.
  • All contractors, consultants and vendors must have a current Key Agreement form on file.
  • All keys must be returned at the completion of the project for which they were issued and before the return date on the Key Authorization form. Payment may be withheld pending return of keys to Facilities.
  • Report all lost or stolen keys to Facilities immediately.
  • Contractors, consultants and vendors may be charged a significant fee for rekeying due to lost or stolen keys.
  • Non-UW-Eau Claire state employees must have a completed Contact Information form on file with Facilities prior to being issued any keys. Key authorizations for such employees will be valid for a maximum of one year.

Key Retainers

  • Any department on campus requesting authorization to possess rings of keys to be used periodically by various students or employees of that department must obtain approval by the Director or Associate Director of Facilities.
  • An individual from the requesting department must accept responsibility for and monitor the use of such rings of keys issued to the department.
  • The requesting department and the responsible person must control the use of these rings of keys by installing a key retainer box for each ring or sealed multiple rings of keys.
  • The cost of purchasing and installing the key retainers will be borne by the requesting department.
  • The key retainers will be installed and inventoried by Facilities. Keys will be installed on sealed key rings. Adding or removing keys will require replacing the ring at the cost of the department.

Departmentally-Controlled Pass Keys

  • Departments that control rooms used for short periods of time such as study and practice rooms may request delegated control of the keys to those rooms.
  • With the approval of the Facilities Director or Associate Director, the keys for such rooms may be issued to a responsible person in the requesting department to control, inventory, secure, dispense and reclaim as needed under the following conditions:
    • A maximum of two keys per room will be issued.
    • The keys may only be capable of opening doors within the department.
    • The person responsible for the management of the keys must sign for them.
    • Inventory, securing, issuance and recovery of the keys will be the sole responsibility of the department and the responsible person signing for them.
    • Replacement of lost keys will be at the expense of the department.
    • Re-keying of rooms required due to mismanagement of the keys or at the request of the department will be done at the expense of the department.

Combination or Card Reading Lock Sets and Special Access Systems

Combination, electronic lock sets, and special access systems may be installed by departments as desired within the following requirements.

  1. The requesting department will be responsible for the cost of installation, maintenance and replacement of all such lock sets or systems.
  2. Requests for installation of electronic access systems [both off-line or on-line systems] in campus [non-Housing, non-Centers] facilities must include a memo from the Department Chair specifying:
    1. Which specific position in the Department [or College Dean in the case of an access system affecting a number of different departments] will be assigned the work of learning the Blackboard software and keeping the access permissions current
    2. Which department will be responsible for the future costs of maintenance, repair, or modification of the hardware. Blackboard is the campus standard for electronic access systems. All installed hardware must be Blackboard-compatible.
  3. A key override be installed in all such lock sets and systems.
  4. If requested, Facilities will provide secure combination changes based on a computerized recording system and at the cost of the department.
  5. The department will be responsible for negotiations with the vendor on the design, purchase and installation of all computerized special access systems.
  6. Facilities must review the plans for all non-standard security systems before installation and inspect the installation upon completion.

Special Needs

All special needs regarding keys that are not addressed in this policy shall be directed to Facilities for consideration by the Director or Associate Director.


I agree to the following conditions regarding possession of University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (hereafter called university) lock hardware including, but not limited to, keys, key retainers, pass cards, electronic door openers, cylinders or padlocks:

1.     Possession of lock hardware is limited to the duration listed on the Key Authorization Form. I agree to return all lock hardware to UW-Eau Claire Facilities on the key return date listed on the Key Authorization Form, upon graduation, or discontinuation of enrollment or employment from the university.

2.     I understand that all lock hardware must be returned in person to Facilities. Lock hardware must not be transferred to a supervisor or any other person.

3.     I understand that I may be responsible for any and all costs associated with my misuse of the university lock system. Misuse includes, but is not limited to: a lost key, unauthorized key transfer, or failure to secure a location accessed via lock hardware.

4.     I understand that I am subject to minimum $50 forfeiture per incident for failure to report lost lock hardware, reauthorize lock hardware, or return lock hardware in a timely manner.

I have read the above regulations and agree to all stated conditions and accept responsibility for the lock hardware detailed on the Key Authorization Form. These terms and conditions are in addition to the university Key Policy.