Policies: Physical Plant Operations Chargebacks

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Updated: 10/09/19

The UW-Eau Claire chargeback policy for physical plant operations is based on the guidelines for such charges specified in UW System Financial and Administrative Policy 322 (formerly F25). These guidelines require chargebacks for special services performed to general operation (non-auxiliary) activities, and for all physical plant services provided to self-supporting (auxiliary) activities. This supplement indicates which costs will be charged back to auxiliaries and non-auxiliaries and provides specific examples of routine and special services to non-auxiliary areas.

Beginning in 2017-18, with approval from Board of Regents as a departure from UW System Financial and Administrative Policy 322, Facilities collaborated with auxiliary enterprises (residence halls, centers/food service, and recreation) to develop an assessment.  The assessment % is based on square footage and applied to salaries and fringe.  The assessment also includes a capital component.  Auxiliary enterprises no longer be charged for labor (except for projects) as this is covered by the assessment, however, they will be charged for any materials required to complete maintenance, repairs or projects.  Parking is not part of the assessment and therefore continue to be charged for labor and an appropriate hourly rate for the depreciation of large heavy equipment.

Non-auxiliary offices and departments shall not be charged for the routine physical plant maintenance, except for extraordinary requests for otherwise routine services (i.e.,painting to change the color of a wall between normal painting periods shall be charged back). Routine maintenance involves upkeep of building envelopes, mechanical and utility systems, including the following specific services:

  • Provide electricity.
  • Provide steam for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and lab functions.
  • Provide necessary utilities and maintain distribution systems.
  • Provide adequate cleaning service for all areas (private offices once per week).
  • Remove trash and recycling.
  • Maintain building hardware.
  • Maintain building envelopes, including exterior walls, roofs, windows, doors, floors.
  • Paint interior walls or replace carpet as appropriate for maintenance (not including changes for aesthetic reasons).
  • Maintain classroom and lecture room chalkboards and bulletin boards.
  • Maintain fixed furniture, such as cabinetry, plumbing, and lab benches in classrooms, lecture rooms, and laboratories.
  • Maintain existing lab, exhaust, and fume hoods.

Facilities shall charge non-auxiliary areas (departments, offices, etc.) for the special services enumerated below. Charges for such services shall be at an hourly rate per trade that includes salary and fringe benefits and an appropriate hourly rate for the depreciation of large heavy equipment.

  • Repairs to office furniture (movable).
  • Maintenance and repairs to special laboratory fixed equipment such as growth chambers, coolers, sterilizers, autoclaves, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair of movable equipment and appliances such as refrigerators, ice makers.
  • If exceeds eight hours:
    • installation of additional shelving or modifying existing cabinets, book cases, or mail boxes.
    • hanging and framing pictures and wall hung decorations.
    • installation of technological equipment when requested by Learning and Technology Services (LTS).
    • installation of whiteboards, chalkboards, projection screens, and bulletin boards except as needed in classrooms for instructional purposes.
    • labor for moving.
  • Changes in locks when the present installation is sound. Re-keying.
  • Alterations of rooms and building structure, including utilities.
  • Purchase and installation of interior & exterior signage.
  • Changing window treatment.
  • Installation of door closers on offices where none exist. Physical Plant maintains closers after initial installation.
  • Installation of electrical service except as needed for instructional purposes.
  • Installation of laboratory apparatus.
  • Custodial service when required outside of normal shift schedules for special events.
  • Remodeling for change of function or program needs.

Facilities enterprises shall be charged for maintenance of approaches and drives that individually serve auxiliary buildings and for changes of landscaping requested by the enterprise.